Getting “A Little Tipsy” With Supermodel & Pompette CBO Kate Bock

PompettePhoto Credit: Pompette

Haute Living caught up with supermodel and entrepreneur Kate Bock on Wednesday night at Aston Martin Residences in Miami to learn all about her sparkling new venture, Pompette (French for “a little tipsy”!), why she decided to break into the (healthy) booze business and all about her upcoming nuptials to NBA star Kevin Love. 


PompettePhoto Credit: Pompette
Kate Bock is a model and entrepreneur based in New York known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, where she made her debut in 2013 and appeared every consecutive year since. [Most recently, she was featured on the 2020 cover.] Bock has landed multiple fashion and beauty campaigns and appeared in a plethora of publications. Her passion and advocacy in the beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness space has led her to entrepreneurial and charitable initiatives. She was recently named Chief Brand Officer for the new clean and elevated hard sparkling water brand Pompette. She also works closely with the charity Wellness in Schools, an organization that aims to provide healthier environments for children in school. She recently got engaged to NBA star Kevin Love.


PompettePhoto Credit: Pompette

Pompette is a new innovative beverage company founded in 2019. The company’s philosophy emphasizes health and wellness. As the first hard seltzer served in a 750ml resealable bottle, it is blended with imported alcohol and natural flavors including Cucumber Lime, Rosé Hibiscus, Lemon Mint and Clementine Berry. Each flavor is naturally gluten-free, contains 5% alcohol by volume and 40 calories with two grams of sugar or less per six ounce serving.


PompettePhoto Credit: Pompette  

On whether we’ll be seeing Pompette at Kate’s upcoming wedding: “I already thought about that, I think we might have to do a cocktail for each [flavor] and serve, and I think we’re also planning on getting married in the Hamptons, which is very appropriate. I think we’ll do maybe like an outdoor setup probably not that dissimilar to this.”

On her entrepreneurial ventures, with and without Kevin:We have [ventures] together and apart. It’s been very cool I think. Both of us kind of on our own and, together, have started to invest in and get involved in brands that really fall under our umbrella.  His has a little bit more to do with mental health and wellness, and mine is more physical health and wellness, but kind of choosing brands that really connect with us. They’re brands that we love and we believe in like this — it’s natural and clean and light — so trying to find different brands that really make sense for our portfolios and investing and getting involved in them and it’s been really fun to do separately and some together. Abby’s Better Almond Butter is one that i’m involved in, and so is Kevin. This one, we did together… We have another really exciting collaboration coming out. Because a lot of us —  mean I hope we’re washing our hands a million times a day ‚ which is great, but it also can cause your hands to get quite kind of dry and crispy for lack of better words. So I found there’s actually a manicure nail studio that I love called 10 over 10 and they’re all non toxic and clean and they created with me a little kit and it has a hand serum and a hand cream, as well as a cuticle oil so it’s kind of like a little three step overnight hand repair kit so all the damage we do from washing our hands, every day, which we should be doing can be fixed overnight and you wake up with soft hands. So that’s going to be coming out for Mother’s Day it’s very exciting and it’s a little kit that we’re going to do, and you can do a manicure for your mom and then give her the overnight repair kit. It stays under the umbrella of health and wellness, clean natural, so I’m really excited about that. [Clean and natural is important to me]. Since I met Kevin, [and] both of us are very focused on health and wellness, it’s been really nice being in a relationship with somebody who also is very focused on treating your body, so it kind of works well for you and you can believe in it is the way you believe in your body will treat you right back. We both yeah eat clean and work out regularly, are active, get outside and eat good food, so it’s been cool to find kind of brands that we both connect with in that way.”

How she got into modeling: “I was discovered, as they say in the modeling industry, at the swimming pool when I was 12 years old. I had braces, I was a tomboy. I was a swimmer on the swim team, so I was at the pool every day. I never sought out modeling but I was like twice the height of most of the kids in my class so maybe it was obvious. I started that week and I am lucky because Vancouver actually has a pretty good film industry, so I did little like castings for auditions, for commercials or little roles in movies, so I kind of got my feet wet and then I moved to Paris when I turned 18. Here we are. It’s kind of been a wild ride. I lived in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London and then I settled in New York and I’ve kind of made this home ever since.”

Advice on how to break into modeling:So you really have to have a thick skin for our industry, I have to say, I think people think that it’s full of flattery, when in fact it’s really full of people judging you and kind of tearing you down, so you have to be prepared mentally for what you’re entering into. I mean now, it’s a little bit different than when I entered it, because now social media is such a normal way to be discovered, so putting yourself out there on social media is the right way to do it I think, but what you have to focus on is really showing what you’re passionate about and what you’re interested in not just like pictures of yourself not wearing too many clothes.”


Clementine Mediterranean Summer

PompettePhoto Credit: Pompette

  • 6oz Pompette Clementine Berry
  • 1oz Gin
  • Fresh Blood Orange juice
  • Ginger ale


  • Fill glass halfway with ice
  • Pour 6oz of Pompette Clementine Berry
  • Add 1oz of Gin
  • Add a squeeze of fresh Blood Orange juice
  • Top off with a splash of Ginger ale
  • Stir

Served in a highball.