Daniela Tablante: Hispanic Media Has Never Been So Forward Focused

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Photo Credit: King Aaron Photography

We caught up with CEO and TV producer Daniela Tablante, to get her opinions on Hispanic representation in TV and Film.

Daniela Tablante is a jack of all media trades. From running her own firm as a CEO and creative director to walking in Miami Swim Week as a model, there aren’t many things in the industry that she hasn’t turned her hand to. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, despite having multiple skills in a growth industry.

Daniela is a Venezuelan woman. This means she finds herself a part of two marginalized groups. While it might not have managed to hold back her career, it does mean that she has had to work twice as hard to get to where she is now, than most of us might have. 

Are Hispanic People Improperly Represented in TV and Film?

First of all, we wanted to know if there was a misrepresentation at play, in the industry Daniela suddenly finds herself immersed in. 

“I think that it’s a hard thing to do, to accurately represent every type of person in a film or TV show. But if I was a straight white man, would that still be the case?” 

Is her answer… and she isn’t wrong. While minority groups tend to be stereotyped into what the patriarchy values most about them, the white man has been represented a thousand, thousand different ways. Usually, they are the cool main character who always says the suavest one-liners, and who somehow manages to hook up with the younger, hotter female lead. 

Daniela Tablante has been representing Hispanic women in film since back in 2018 when she graduated from a Master’s Degree program to go straight into the world of documentary film producing. Since then, she has become the CEO and Creative Director of her own firm, has been an internationally successful model, and acts as a film producer in both Hollywood and Europe. Her passion for human rights, equality, and the representation of Hispanic women began in college.

“I was studying my Masters in Mass Communications and Business Media when I started working in the scientific research department of the University. There were a few subjects I was involved in. Climate change was a big part of the workload, as was the Zika Virus and the rising sea levels down in South Florida. My first love, though, was the study of the prejudices of mental illness in the Hispanic community.” Says Daniela, who has been seen working on various freelance journalism projects, over the years. 

Documentary TV and Film 

This representation of the Hispanic community has been reflected in her ability to make the successful switch from actress to documentary film producer. She has carried her concern over for her Latin American colleagues into her working life. The vision of a successful Venezuelan woman, Daniela helped to produce Movie Springs, walked in the Descalzos show, took part in New York Fashion week – and has even represented Hispanic women in Miss Europe 2020.

What’s next for this Latina star? With a master’s degree and a glittering future ahead of her, we can’t wait to find out.