Give The Gift Of Cipriani This Season: A Four-Generation Hospitality Journey

CIPRIANI_bellini_USAPhoto Credit: CiprianiThe Cipriani brand has been lauded for four generations, known for its exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and overall five-star hospitality. When stepping foot into a Cipriani venue, you know exactly what you are getting—a world-class dining experience with global recognition. Now, for the first time, Cipriani is offering guests a special gift box to bring the Cipriani experience right to the home—the perfect present for any occasion.

The “Cipriani Hampers and Gifts” come in a variety of four options to choose from, each tailoring to a different aspect of Cipriani’s rich history that spans four generations. The first is the “1323,” symbolic of the door number of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice—where all the magic began. This package is a simple yet delicious dinner experience, including items like tagliarelle, a 100-percent organic tomato sauce, an alcohol-free Bellini and either a Venetian “Fugassa” or the traditional “Panettone” dessert. It will transport you to the beautiful and iconic Harry’s Bar in Venice.

The second is the “San Marco,” named after the Harry’s Bar “sestiere” in Venice. This box includes a variety of homemade pastas, sauces composed of the freshest ingredients and a box of Cipriani’s special Cacao, as well as a Bellini.

The “Bellini,” is of course named after the famous pink champagne and peach nectar drink that goes hand-in-hand with the Cipriani brand name. This gift box pays homage to the drink and includes a sweet breakfast and apertif, as well as the ingredients to prepare some of Cipriani’s most cherished dishes.

The “Harry” is of course the most luxurious package of them all, named after the entire Cipriani legacy. This is the richest hamper, including a selection of all signature products, drinks desserts, as well as an informative read that spans the history of the Cipriani legacy and story.

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