Baxter Gallery Miami Features Top In Italian Luxury Furniture

You may have thought you knew about luxury furniture before visiting Baxter’s first U.S. flagship store in the Miami Design District, suitably called Baxter Gallery Miami. That feeling does not last long once inside the space and seeing one of the $75,000 sectional sofas, chandeliers, marble dining tables, accent chairs or artworks that line the walls.

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 1Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

The expert craftsmanship that goes into every piece exhibited in the store keeps the standard set by Italian entrepreneurs Luigi and Paolo Bestetti since 1990. On the Magic City, the latter has described Miami as a place where, “design is part of the very texture of the city.”

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 2Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

After the brand’s presence in Miami for nearly a decade, Baxter Gallery Miami opened in September 2019 to rave reviews.

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 3Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

The flagship has gained attention from New York City and Hamptons residents who look to purchase their third, fourth, even fifth home in South Florida and are in search of unique custom design at the highest level. The new location has also grown the brand’s grasp on the ultra-wealthy Latin American and European clientele that has been more acquainted with Baxter in other jet set pockets of the world. Clients like these have been at the vanguard of Miami’s ascent into the world of design’s principal cities.

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 4Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

“Miami has become a hot spot for the increased competition in the luxury industry,” says Elizabeth Potter, Director of the flagship store.

The look of the exceptional Italian leather on the pieces makes one pause for a moment and wonder if it is possible to reach down and touch the softness. Their artful design is worthy of gazing.

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 5Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

“The story of Baxter is one of passion,” continues Potter. “Baxter’s flagship spaces have become something different than retail stores. We invite our clientele into an approach and space similar to art galleries. We try to enhance, emphasize and connect to the architecture’s soul with a project. And the very same heart and soul is transmitted as we approach our clients’ unique spaces as well.”

Baxter Gallery Miami Mar2020 6Photo Credit: Guillaume Jubien

The most exclusive leather and marbles are used in every one of the unique, 100% Made in Italy pieces by Baxter.

Baxter Gallery Miami is located at 3630 NE 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33137. For more, visit