Pet Etiquette 101: How To Groom Courteous Canines And Kitties

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By: Tarek G. El Gammal – President of FetchMyVet

More likely than not, you’ve seen a pet with bad manners, barking at every passerby and causing trouble. Although every pet is known to misbehave every now and then, don’t let your pet’s behavior become a constant problem. As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to properly manage your pet’s behavior and adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Thanks to Tarek El Gammal, President of FetchMyVet —a company that takes the hassle out of pet care by providing in-home veterinary services— you’ll be able to do just that in any occasion. 
1. Dining Out
Avoid sad, hungry eyes watching your every move by always feeding your dog before heading out. Even if it’s just a small snack, this will help keep your pet from jumping up for a bite. You can always bring a chew bone or a treat-dispensing toy to keep them occupied and minimize boredom-related, problem behavior. Lastly, keep your dog from barking while others are enjoying their meal. 
2. Vacationing 
Before going on your next vacation, make sure to call the hotel ahead of time to ensure they accept pets. Additionally, ask if they require specific paperwork showing vaccinations or if you must pay an additional fee. Pack familiar items for your pet that will keep them at ease, such as their favorite toy, comfy blanket or bed. To further create a safe space for your pet in the hotel room, leave the TV on for some soothing background noise.
Tarek El Gammel 2
Tarek El Gammel

Photo Credit: FetchMyVet

3. Traveling 
If you’re flying with your pet, register them with your airline during the booking process as most airline companies tend to have a limit on the allowed number of pets per flight. Check that your crate or carrier dimensions meet the requirements beforehand. Once you pass through the unavoidable, yet stressful process of airport security, take your pet on a walk around the terminal before your flight to de-stress. To further manage stress levels on the plane, I recommend getting dogs a D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone) collar that releases stress-relieving hormones. 
4. Going for a Stroll 
Although this may go without saying, always follow the cardinal rule of keeping your dog on a leash. Not only is it lawfully required in most places, but it allows others around you to feel comfortable. Additionally, if your dog wants to approach another pooch, always ask the owner for permission first and lookout for aggressive behavior throughout their interaction. Most importantly, clean up doggy waste as it occurs and bring extra baggies so that you never run out.
5. Shopping 
Unless your dog is a service dog, do not bring them into a store that doesn’t allow dogs. However, stores have increasingly become dog-friendly, so you may want to call ahead and ask before your shopping excursion. If you do decide to bring your trusty, four-legged sidekick along for the ride, don’t let them mark their territory under any circumstance. Be on the lookout for anxious behavior as they may become overwhelmed by new smells; if this is the case, take them outside before they disrupt any other customers’ shopping experience.