Coloring Outside The Lines With Marcel Katz

Marcel Katz a.k.a The Art Plug

Photo Credit: Nick Green

Take the vision of a pop artist extraordinaire, the psyche of a renowned psychologist, and the swag of an artistic fashion designer, and you’ve got the ideal iteration of the makings of an artistic visionary i.e., Marcel Katz. The eccentric 31-year-old Miami native, also known as The Art Plug, has continuously made headlines – and history—since his 2015 opening of Marcel Katz Art an online art dealership. Within four years Katz has turned his artistic vision into multiple businesses, working with both high-end art and emerging artists. While Katz is especially known for his unforgettable The Art Plug Power House during 2018’s Miami Art Week, he has been a force in the art world since he began painting the picture.

Growing up around a family of artists, his mom being an oil painter and his half-brother being a French street art curator, Katz’s naturally-inclined talent was awakened while he worked as the Creative Director for Opium Group. This role eventually expanded, allowing him to have control over art-inspired events and venue programming. Building close relationships with artists naturally led him on a path of collecting, buying and selling art, and assisted in broadening his vision with the help of a like-minded team.

The Art Plug

Photo Credit: Nick Green

COO Amy Vardijan, Gallery and Agency Director Nico Hayes, and Marketing Director Tommy Muench, all play a large role in Katz’s three business. Under The Art Plug umbrella resides The Art Plug Agency, in which artists are represented by Katz and his team. Marcel Katz Art, the dealership in which art can be traded and bought online, and most notably The Art Plug Power House, the highly sought-after interactive art installation.

Powered by High Hemp, Katz and his team shook up the art scene with their initial iteration during Miami Art Week by converting a 70,000 square foot police impound into a multi-faceted display of art, culture and craftsmanship. Collaborating with brands like Atlantic Records, Adidas, and over 30 trendsetting artists from around the world, Katz welcomed guests into an experience complete with monster trucks and a daredevil street bike crew, successfully producing one of the largest independent art fairs to date.

Monster truck at The Art Plug Power House

Since then, Katz has worked directly with numerous brands including Lyft and Brightline, being the creative lead for Miami Music Week. He has overseen the art direction for the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Chotto Matte and partnered with the premium vodka brand Stoli. In addition to Katz’s impressive resume, he also holds the title for being the youngest Salvador Dali dealer in the world.

It’s artistically evident that Katz is and will continue to shake up the art world with his innate talent and skilled team, but what is most unique about Katz is his involvement within his community. Katz often collaborates with Best Buddies and frequents local public schools to inform and inspire students on the endless possibilities of following their passions. Currently, he is curating Miami Beach Senior High’s beautification program where five dynamic murals and sculptures will be installed.

Art by 131 (Gustavo Oviedo) – curated by Marcel Katz – interior design by Andy Martin

Photo Credit: Marcel Katz

So, what’s in store for Katz’s future? Besides being the head curator of Urban Arts Projects for Art Palm Beach’s upcoming 2020 fair, he has something so super up his sleeve that even those in the neutral zone about art will be plugged in to the creative talents and interactive experiences of The Art Plug.