The Next Level of Bespoke: Rolls-Royce and Real Diamond Paint

At the Geneva International Motor Show Rolls-Royce introduced the Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance. Like many other Rolls-Royce’s is also this car bespoke. However, it comes with one unique feature: an eye-catching paint made from 1.000 real diamonds!


This Rolls-Royce is the very first car in the world to feature this highly exclusive paint, which was specially developed for this Ghost on request of its owner. It represents not only the next level of bespoke cars but is also a testimony of the skills and knowledge that reside in Rolls-Royce’s paint shop.

Rolls-Royce started with 1.000 real diamonds, which they crushed to create the paint. The challenging part was to ensure that the paint would show the radiance of the diamonds. For this, the reflection of the diamonds was measured and analyzed for over two months to achieve the optimum result. This was not the only challenge because they also had to find a way to incorporate the diamonds in the clear paint and create an even coating on the body of the car. Rolls-Royce solved this by making a very fine diamond powder and mix it into the paint. The paint process also included an extra final layer of lacquer to protect the diamond particles when the car was polished. All this was done by hand.


The result is a Rolls-Royce unlike any other. The paint, which was appropriately named “Diamond Stardust” adds a captivating element to the car. Combined with hand-painted Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines it is a very tasteful combination with the bespoke interior which features open pore Tudor Oak veneer, Selby Grey soft leather and Mugello Red stitching and piping. For the ultimate personal touch are the inner pockets of the rear doors lined with a Tartan in gray, black and red.


With this Ghost, Rolls-Royce shows that there are no limits to their bespoke program. Even when you request something that has never been done before, they develop it for you. And that is the ultimate luxury!