Haute Time Presents Jérôme de Witt, CEO Of DeWitt Timepieces At Basel World

While at Basel World, Haute Time had the chance to sit down with Jérôme de Witt, CEO of DeWitt Timepieces.

Recently, DeWitt debuted a wild concept timepiece for a children’s charity. The outside design is inspired by a mother’s arms and the face swizzles to be reversible, exposing the Chronograph’s components and telling time on both sides. The price of this special watch is a staggering $400,000 Swiss Francs.

Mr. de Witt also showed us a mechanical tourbillon that they released last year. Visually it is a skeleton watch in 3D which has never existed before. It a very deep and unique timepiece priced at $230,000 Swiss Fancs without the diamond option. We also looked at a neo-titanium timepiece, a material which is harder and slightly different in color (more natural looking). The dial is produced by DeWitt itself and is hand turned for $25,000 Swiss Francs.

Check out the video on HauteTime.com to see all the incredible DeWitt timepieces at Basel World and get an inside look at my meeting with the brand’s CEO Jérôme de Witt.


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