Haute Couture: Marc Jacobs to Launch New Fragrance “Dot” This Summer

Image: beautyhigh.com

Expanding his collection of fragrances, which currently includes “Daisy” and “Lola”, Marc Jacobs will be launching “Dot” this summer. Featuring notes of berries, coconut water, jasmine, orange blossom and vanilla, “Dot” is being described as a “spirited and charming scent.”

Feminine, lush and playful, “Dot” is the newest fragrance from luxury brand Marc Jacobs. The bottle is designed as a red orb covered in black dots and adorned with black plastic disks that resemble butterflies. Jacobs considers a dot to be a timeless pattern and says that round shapes are always beautiful. Through the “Dot” bottle, Jacobs says he is trying to represent a free spirit, femininity and playfulness through the hybrid butterfly-ladybug design.

Once debuted in July, “Dot” will be available in more than 3,300 stores in the U.S. and U.K. Different sizes of bottles will be available with prices ranging from $48 and $89. There will also be a body lotion available for $45 and a shower gel for $40.

Source: Elite Choice