Haute Living Ambassador Radmila Lolly On Being The NBA’s Most Fashionable Courtside Fan

Haute Living’s incredibly fashionable ambassador, fashion designer, opera singer and composer, Radmila Lolly, rarely missed a Miami HEAT game this season — and there’s no denying this season was one to remember forever. And while the Miami HEAT had a season like no other on the court, our attention was taken courtside with Lolly’s style. Lolly is known for her unique and captivating style that effortlessly blends elegance with a touch of edge. With a background in both fashion and music, Lolly’s style is a true reflection of her vibrant personality and creative spirit. She fearlessly experiments with bold colors, unexpected textures, and avant-garde silhouettes, creating looks that are both striking and sophisticated. Ahead, we sit down with Lolly to talk about her latest accolade: the NBA’s most fashionable courtside fan.

Haute Living Ambassador Radmila Lolly On The NBA’s Most Fashionable Courtside FanPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Lolly

HAUTE LIVING: Congratulations on being called the NBA’s most fashionable courtside fan by the NBA — can you walk us through how you plan your looks for the games?  
RADMILA LOLLY: Obviously, the first game of the season is very important, it’s like starting a new chapter, so that outfit I usually plan at least a month in advance; it is always my own design. I sketch it, source the fabric, explain the engineering of the outfit to my team, they sew it, I do a few fittings, and there I am, ready for the new beginning! I also accessorize in advance; it gives me lots of time to shop for shoes and bags.

HL: You’ve been seen in stunning, one-of-a-kind looks courtside. Do you have an all-time favorite look that you’ve worn?   
RL: Honestly, it’s like writing a book; every chapter is important to create the overall story. My number one outfit was the very first Miami HEAT jersey gown I ever wore, in my classic red. They call me “Red”mila for a reason — I made that pre-covid, and it became viral last year during the playoffs. 

Haute Living Ambassador Radmila Lolly On The NBA’s Most Fashionable Courtside FanPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Lolly

HL: This year was a major moment for the Miami HEAT — can you walk us through some of your NBA Finals courtside looks? 
RL: I definitely played around with the looks; for the playoffs, I only wore my designs created out of jerseys.

HL: What’s important to you while dressing for a game?  
RL: Being true to myself, and if I can inspire other women to be who they are and not feel like they have to compromise their style to attend sporting events, then that’s a win for me. When I win, we all win.

HL: The Miami HEAT are, of course, near and dear to your heart — what does it mean to you that they made it to the finals?  
RL: I feel like I’ve been playing, like I’m part of the team — and I know every fan feels that way. The last few home games, I felt so exhausted when I came home from the rollercoaster of emotions, I couldn’t even get out of bed the next morning. Now I truly understand what HEAT  culture is.