Meet King Of Maids: The Highly-Rated Home Cleaning Service


The demand for home cleaning services is climbing year by year. It’s not a surprise, given that having a clean and dust-free home is essential to anyone’s health. It’s also hard to find a cleaning company that will come to your home on an ongoing basis and provides the value one seeks.

King of Maids was started in Chicago, IL, by Kamil Kowalkowski and Filip Boksa. Today the company offers home cleaning in multiple states and has gathered over 10,000 reviews from customers who used King of Maids for their home cleaning needs. Out of the 10,000+ reviews that were collected over the last several years, the company sits at a 4.77 out of 5-star rating.

Filip credits BookingKoala, the software behind King of Maids. BookingKoala makes collecting reviews extremely easy, making the process 99% automated. Whenever a cleaning is completed, users will receive an email asking them to rate the service. The way the system is designed, they are also asked for a review after a customer logs in to schedule a new cleaning or modify an existing one. The method allows King of Maids to gain a lot of real feedback, aka reviews, which helps the company make decisions about the cleaners that stay on the King of Maids platform.

Today King of Maids has tons of cleaners who’ve completed hundreds and thousands of jobs with ratings of 4.5 out of 5 or higher. This took years of feedback, but the platform won’t allow anyone to stay on it if they fall below company standards. Filip says making sure that the platform has the best cleaners is the priority and that the company turns down jobs daily as a result of that.

“Recruiting good people takes a long time, and we cannot just find anyone to take on the extra jobs we turn down every day. If we did that, we would make an extra profit, but we’d also lower our rating, making King of Maids less trustworthy. We take huge pride in knowing we are a nearly 5 out of 5-star cleaning company with over 10,000 reviews. Believe it or not, we had negative ratings on platforms such as Google because we didn’t have availability. It’s crazy to receive such a review without even trying a service, but at the same time, it brings me joy because we know we’re providing top-quality service.”

Before implementing BookingKoala, the founders would collect reviews manually and track them on spreadsheets. Then eventually, they used a different software, but it was not the same. BookingKoala allows customers to book online and filter through cleaners based on their ratings. Filip says this is a big deal because showing the rating of a cleaner when a customer is booking installs trust right from the beginning and increases conversions. The customer trusts the service right as they are booking because they walk away knowing a nearly 5-star cleaner is coming to perform the job. Filip says, ‘imagine booking with a 4.8 out of 5-star cleaner, you know you’re in good hands, but if the cleaner has no rating, you don’t know what to expect. That greatly impacts whether the customer will complete checkout or not.’

Written in partnership with Maria Williams