Dior Ushers In A New Era Of Rouge Dior Forever With Natalie Portman & Yara Shahidi

Dior Makeup’s iconic Rouge Dior lipstick is entering a new era for Rouge Dior Forever. With a focus on overturning conventions, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, sets the brand up for a new chapter by creating a flawless finish product that combines an easy bullet application with extreme long wear, providing sixteen hours of no-transfer wear all in one clean formula for Rouge Dior Forever. This weightless, liquid lipstick stuns in a new palette of 22 shades for every type of desired look. 

Natalie Portman & Yara Shahidi Star In The New Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick CampaignPhoto Credit: Courtesy of DiorDescribed as a modern heroine who asserts herself with confidence, the Rouge Dior woman celebrates female strengths, empowerment, and sisterhood. Dior tapped actress Yara Shahidi as their newest face to join alongside Natalie Portman in representing the Rouge Dior Forever woman. As a celebrated actress committed to many causes, Portman inspires and radiates a luminous, joyful femininity that so many women look up to. And, Shahidi, a rising, charismatic starlet is extremely committed and outspoken when it comes to global causes since she stepped on the scene. Both embody the essence of Dior beauty.

Natalie Portman & Yara Shahidi Star In The New Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick CampaignPhoto Credit: Courtesy of DiorPhotographed by Viviane Sassen, this colorful, couture-induced campaign captures Dior’s heroines, Portman and Shahidi’s energy of femininity and liberty by focusing on their movement and the way the bold lipstick illuminates them. Sassen’s photography paints a vivid picture that is sculptural, surreal, and brimming with energy. For this campaign, she portrayed lipstick as a new form of self-expression with exciting colors flying, just like the couture scarf worn by each woman as an ode to femininity. All the while director Arnaud Uyttenhove glorified Portman and Shahidi by creating a succession of red and moving tableaux choreographed by Madeline Hollander.

This direction showcases women’s three pillars of what they are, what they affirm, and what they want — a poetic creation that encourages all women to follow the same goal of celebrating each other, together. The Rouge Dior Forever lipsticks are available now on Dior’s website and shop the makeup in-store at Dior Boutiques nationwide on August 15th.