Summer Essentials: 10 Companies With Products You Need

  1. Meze Audio

The Romanian-based sound engineering brand, Meze Audio, has been in the business of perfecting audio experiences through quality and creativity since 2011, redefining the ways in which we interact with sound and how we can appreciate the enduring quality of audiophile headphones and earphones. With Meze Audio in tow, your soundscapes will solicit a different kind of emotive experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Meze Antonio, lead designer and founder of Meze Audio, surmounted years of research on existing models in order to perfect the shapes and silhouettes that would become Meze Audio’s signature design. In 2015, Antonio and Mircea Fanatan, Meze Audio’s managing director, disrupted the audio industry by introducing their 99 Classics model, a striking addition to any space. The Classics model set the tone for Meze Audio as a premier supplier and maker of luxe sound design, overstepping existing varieties with cool composition and elevated user experiences. The company’s opulent concepts are supported through steel-plated longevity, ensuring each product is made to stand the test of time. Meze Audio creates sound utility that can be easily serviced whenever you need a tune-up, as each product is made in-house for optimal durability. Meze Audio is where function meets fashion, uniting stylish engineering with a high-performance personality.

2. Yenaé

Summer is a statement season, the best time to show off your favorite identifiers. In the case of Yenaé, the Virginia-born jewelry box, such statements are enjoyed year-round but sparkle exceptionally well under the summer sun. Launched in 2018 by co-founders Seble Alemayehu and Felekech (Fei) Biratu, this ornate jewelry movement highlights the culture and compelling landscapes of African beauty, pulling inspiration from every corner of the continent to procure dazzling collections as varied and unique as the people who wear them. Yenaé strives to take individuals on a journey through African self-expression with luxurious pieces that are thoughtfully crafted and built with intention. Their collections feature sustainably sourced gemstones from Ethiopia that are designed and perfected by Ethiopian artisans, as well as a myriad of materials including recycled brass, 14K gold, and even hand-cut genuine leather. Biratu and Alemayehu, high-school friends and Ethiopian-Americans, draw inspiration from their upbringings and apply their knowledge of African craftsmanship to Yenaé, hoping to bring the allure of Africa to people all over the world. Their designs are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways, positioning Yenaé as a hyper-inclusive jewelry brand with a luxurious flair that flatters anyone and everyone. At the start of the summer season, it’s no secret that Yenaé remains the gold standard in wearable storytelling, all you have to do is play the protagonist.

3. Icon Swim

The only way to fly is to be your own icon, and Icon Swim, the bombastic swimwear label based in Atlanta, GA, is reminding us that our bodies can (and should) remain the envy of the beach. Icon Swim is in the business of dropping jaws, supplying a plethora of new designs per year that command a room and highlight the best parts of ourselves. Each piece is meant to accentuate the body and trace the most flattering curves and crevices that compliment all walks of life, so you can lead with confidence and magnetic allure. Shopping for the right swimsuit is no simple task, but Icon Swim streamlines the process with dedicated customer service and body positivity, ensuring that diversity and supple style are embedded in their designs. With a suite of suits to choose from at splitting affordable prices, Icon Swim has quickly become synonymous with fashion-forward swimwear that highlights inclusivity and glossy impressions. In addition to women’s swimwear, Icon Swim also offers men’s collections and gender-neutral takes on classic shapes. All of their designs are made in-house with you in mind, so you can spend more time hanging poolside and less time stressing about the right suit.

4. Headache Hat

 Officially launched in 2013, Headache Hat is the premier solution to a familiar struggle. Designed for lasting relief, the Headache Hat is a unique device that applies pressure to target areas around the skull for cooling alleviation. The wrap is worn much like a “hat” or headband, allowing for consistent comfort throughout your day or when the situation demands it. Sherri Pulie, founder and CEO of Headache Hat, designed her invention after battling years of hereditary migraines that never slowed or silenced. Having tried nearly every solution available on the market, including suggested home remedies, to no avail, Pulie knew a change was in order that tackled painstaking migraines and headaches with reliable results. The secret to keeping migraines down is maintaining consistent cold pressure, which can be a topsy-turvy challenge if using a bag of ice. The Headache Hat stays cold for as long as 2 hours without flopping around or losing its standing power, and its anatomy allows you to carry on with the day’s work without being forced to lie down or sit still. It’s like turning over to the cold side of the pillow no matter where you are. The adjustable design is a calling for so many individuals that are subjected to painful headaches on a regular basis, so much that Headache Hat was awarded the “HSN American Dreams Good Housekeeping Search for the Next Seal Star Winner 2018” accolade. Summer deserves a better class of relaxation, and with the Headache Hat in your weekend duffle, it’s smooth sailing no matter where your headspace goes.

5. Uptown Drapes

Sourcing quality-made interior accents is seldom given the homegrown treatment, and when it does it often feels incomplete. With Uptown Drapes, the Buckley family, along with a team of dedicated creatives, has made exceptional window treatments their passion project, pouring all of their energy into this family-run affair. Based out of Lindon, Utah, Uptown Drapes is the brainchild of founder Geeta Buckley, who amassed years of interior design expertise before launching her own business. Buckley and her team assembled Uptown Drapes to bring premium quality drapes and window treatments to their tight-knit community of creators and makers, gracefully providing an elevated model to existing markets. Uptown Drapes is committed to authenticity and drapery that illuminates any space with style and compelling silhouettes. Their iron rods are available in a swath of different colors and support any design with durable standing power. A true dealer in artisanal craftsmanship, Uptown Drapes honors classic taste with a decidedly homegrown flare, opting for creative innovation wherever possible. Custom orders are easily carried out on the company’s website, which makes the interior design feel like a walk in the park. This summer, give your space a refresher of worldly grandeur sewn from Utah charm, the sun will find its way through no doubt.

6. Everdure

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is driven to provide the ultimate grilling experience. Powered by innovation, their consciously designed outdoor entertainment range includes charcoal and gas grills, a mobile preparation kitchen, quality knives, and premium supporting accessories – reminding us that you don’t have to sacrifice style for the best results. As a trusted brand for decades, Everdure continues to evolve and push the boundaries in outdoor cooking and entertaining to ensure quality and convenience is always present in their range. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is bringing the heat this summer!

7. Respekt

Introduced in 2016, Respekt is the San Jose-based skincare movement dedicated to revolutionizing the way we handle stress as it relates to skin health and wellness. The company’s vision aligns with our deepest desire to be beautiful inside and out, and this is achieved through a breezy business model that makes skincare and skin health accessible across all platforms. Respekt is well-known for its mobile app, called Respekt Beauty Meditation, which allows users to tackle the pressure points of stress in order to clear up their skin. Studies have shown that 30% of our skin struggles stem from stress-related activity, so it is Respekt’s mission to enlighten our daily skincare routines to include meditation, reflection, and consideration for how we move through the world. Respekt is led by a team of professionals rooted in areas of psychology, medicine, and breathwork, ensuring the consultation obtained from their mobile app is experience-driven and backed by research. Their skincare line is steeped in Korean tradition and includes face masks, face creams, and tools for meditation that are free of harsh chemicals. Respekt is leading the future of skincare and well-being so that we have stress-free summers that give us a brighter glow in return.

8. Ématelier

Luxury watch-making is an archaic skill well regarded the world over. Enameled watches, however, are another thing entirely. The Toronto-based studio, Ématelier, is in the business of luxury timepieces treated with an enameling process, a niche artisanal craft that is incredibly rare and difficult to come by. Built on decades of experience in watchmaking and enameling, the timepieces are drawn from centuries of perfected form and crafted with modern decadence, remaining the envy of collectors and spectators worldwide. Most of Ématelier’s work deals in custom orders – especially to those with a passion for both fine art and fine watches – with an impressive turnaround time between 2-3 months. However, their thought-provoking collections are stellar and singular in their own right, as is the case with their “Elements” set fitted with Grand Feu enamel dials sculpted from gold, enamel, and fire. A classic black silhouette ($4900) never goes out of style, but Ématelier’s eye for design surmounts conventional shapes at every curve. Remember to forget the time when you’re at the beach, but make sure you look sharp doing so.

9. Godsent

After a near-fatal accident at the top of 2020, GODSENT founder and creative director, Ethan Lartey, made his survival the basis of his work, highlighting tender subjects like guardian angels, life’s purpose, and evolution in his fleshy apparel. The threads you see spooling beneath cracks of lightning and soaring on the wings of doves are the rudiments of Lartey’s story, of how he took a traumatic awakening and applied this newfound sense of style to his clothing line, which ranges from plushy crewnecks and hoodies to sweatpants, gym shorts, and graphic tees. The prophecies are etched in the fabric, alluding to a unique place in our society where we can learn to appreciate our limited time on this earth. Lartey heralds his brand as a movement, above anything else, for those individuals who recognize the miracles at hand, and the importance of living comfortably while doing what you love! On social media, GODSENT rolls out seasonal drops and special videos to accompany the messages, igniting a new flame in streetwear that is honest, raw, emotional and made for anyone. After collaborating with fellow fashion designers, Living Angels, and setting up a pop-up shop in the summer of 2021, Virginia-based GODSENT is on the way to elevated success this year with God as their witness.

10. Aloe Attiva

Aloe Attiva is an Italian beauty line redefining the way we understand the power of aloe vera and its application to skincare and natural beauty routines. With over 25 years in beauty circuits, Aloe Attiva builds on proven practice that enhances your natural glow without stuffing its product line with unnecessary waterlog. As a plant, aloe vera is notoriously hydrating, an ideal treatment for long summer days at the beach. Aloe Attiva employs this mindset but with added finesse. Their Aloe Attiva Elixir utilizes a patented formula that hydrates your skin without using a drop of water because H2O alone does not hydrate your body’s most vital organ. Instead of wasting water, Aloe Attiva donates water through their partnership with, and this, in turn, elevates their product offerings because water, as an ingredient, doesn’t dilute the power source extracted from aloe vera. At its core, Aloe Attiva is waterless skincare, uniting a beautiful world on the basis of clean beauty that gives a lot but takes very little. Sustainability and best practice remain at the forefront of Aloe Attiva’s mission, along with supple solutions to daily skin maintenance that keep you glowing even when the sun sets.

Written in partnership with Ascend