Exodus Medical, the Highly Trusted Clinic Known for Its Comprehensive Approach to Patient Care and Neuropathy Relief

Photo Credit: Exodus Medical

For all its worth and significance, the healthcare industry has also received its fair share of criticisms and complaints over the years. Some sectors have been widely accused of chasing profits over prioritizing people, while practitioners and professionals have had to contend with allegations pertaining to their supposed tendency to provide cookie-cutter solutions to health issues. Many of these claims are not entirely unfounded, a concerning reality that Exodus Medical is proud to have gone against from the get-go. Founded by Dr. Robert Abraham, the highly trusted clinic is known for tailoring its treatment to help patients achieve optimum health and wellness.

A go-to establishment for people suffering from neuropathy, Exodus Medical operates under the recognition that over twenty-three million Americans are diagnosed with this condition every year, and more than 90% of those heavily rely on medications or injections. Intimately aware that neither medications nor injections are ideal as long-term solutions, Dr. Robert Abraham launched what would become a widely acclaimed venture to deliver alternative methods and a different perspective to counter a disease infamous for negatively affecting a patient’s overall quality of life.

Today, Exodus Medical continues to enjoy a position at the top of the game, a feat resulting from years of solidifying its reputation as a service provider committed to delivering nothing but the best care. Apart from the technical know-how of its team of trained practitioners, what has allowed the purpose-driven clinic to hog the spotlight is its all-out attitude toward tackling the cause of a patient’s neuropathy, identifying the source of their symptoms, and approaching the problem through lifestyle changes that allow for true, natural, healing.

Since the beginning, Exodus Medical has impressed industry peers and clients alike with its individualized treatments, all of which are designed to help those knocking on its door to achieve fewer aches and pains, improve balance and mobility, and attain a better quality of life. “We combine traditional and innovative modalities to offer patients suffering from chronic conditions a holistic treatment plan and the best care in the world,” said Dr. Robert Abraham. “We have made it our goal to stop the chasing of symptoms and move away from cookie-cutter prescriptions that only mute the pain of neuropathy.”

The integrated and comprehensive take that Exodus Medical has banked on has allowed this acknowledged venture to earn the patronage of thousands of patients. It has reached great heights, as well, for going the extra mile to inspire and educate patients about the importance of embracing an active role in their own wellbeing. In the years to come, it would not come off as a surprise when the clinic manages to expand its portfolio of achievements, considering its deep-seated passion for improving the quality of life of its clients.

Right now, Exodus Medical is gearing up to open a few new clinics. By the end of 2022, individuals hoping for relief from neuropathy can expect this clinic’s expertise and support in various locations, including Tulsa, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Oklahoma.

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