Adam Vaughan is Showing People How to be a Citizen of the World with His Love for Traveling

Photo Credit: Adam Vaughan

Seeing the world is a dream virtually everybody holds, but not having the money to accomplish it and not knowing where to start are the major hindrances. For Adam Vaughan, who prides himself as a “citizen of the world,” his life experiences and personal interests have taken him to many countries. Now, he wants to inspire people to go out and see the world and its beauty by traveling to places they have never seen before.

His love for traveling was ignited by his enlistment in the United States Air Force in 1998. He found himself traveling worldwide and realized that there were many other places outside the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, where he grew up or Des Moines, Iowa, Adventureland, and Kansas City, Missouri, which he visited as a child. Since he was deployed after 9/11, he began to appreciate parts of the world affected by unfortunate situations and had less.

“Throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those that were affected, and those that had nothing like we had,” he said. This made him develop a relationship with his desire to experience everything the world had to offer, sparking an interest within him to learn about different cultures.

During Adam’s time in the Air Force, he visited countries like Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, and Ireland. Upon his retirement, he joined Meta, formerly known as Facebook, as a Global Operations Manager, a job that allowed him to continue traveling to different parts of the world. His travel experience has exposed him to diverse people and cultures and made him passionate about upholding human rights.

With over 24 years of traveling, Adam Vaughan is set to build a brand around his adventures through his blog, where he plans to detail his vast experience, including giving recommendations, curating events, and becoming an influencer and ambassador for travel.

Adam hopes to connect with people looking for travel advice on what to see, where to stay, where to eat, and the like. “I want to develop a brand around being the “go-to page” for information on destinations, accommodations, cuisine, and transportation. I also want to target the big brand hotels and transportation companies to become an ambassador or influencer, further monetizing my brand and turning this into a full-time business. Travel photography is also something to target as it will help to give more appeal to my brand, establish more connections with people due to that genre, and make people want to visit my site based on the little snippet they may see on IG or Twitter,” he said.

Over the next few years, Adam sees himself talking about his travels and getting the chance to revisit those places and relive those experiences. He also wants to be why people decide to visit places and enjoy unique adventures. Furthermore, he hopes to make traveling his full-time job somewhere down the line, but until then, he wants to pique people’s interest in the world and influence them to travel using his experience as inspiration.

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