Derek Warburton’s Makeup Collaboration With FACE Stockholm is Much More Than a Good Color Story

As celebrities, tastemakers, socialites, and even royalty gathered in West Hollywood during PRIDE month to celebrate the launch of Derek Warburton’s makeup line, it’s hard not to reflect on how far we have come since the uprising at Stonewall in June of 1969. Stonewall ignited a call to action that impacted the world to inspire us to embrace equality, acceptance, diversity, self-expression, and inclusion. These are values that style icon and tastemaker Derek Warburton has built his brand upon and what his new makeup line stands for. Warburton partnered with FACE Stockholm to create this exclusive makeup collection for PRIDE. Named Derek Fabulous after the humanitarian and media entrepreneur, the new makeup collection offers four curated palette kits that include a makeup brush and four different colorful matte eyeshadows in each kit along with Warburton’s limited mix of rainbow glitter. The line also features an array of lipsticks and lipgloss with rich cream coverage in various delectable sheer, shimmer, and non-shimmer shades. Warburton is known for his glamorous approach to makeup, and these curated color pallets echo his style and glamour.

The launch partygoers understood the dress “Derek Fabulous” assignment as the red carpet was awash with style, variety, self-expression, color, feathers, glitter, and rainbows. The stylish urbanites sipped champagne and mingled yet were also purposeful in making sure to secure the coveted new “Derek Fabulous” makeup while at the event. Included in the exclusive guest list of supporters were Taryn Manning, Daniel Gillies, Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill, Peta Murgatroyd, Tara Reid, BELLSAINT, Robyn Newmark, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, Shaman Durek, and Canadian Pop/R&B group riVerse. Actress Anne Heche even made an appearance via Facetime from the set of her film to show her support.

Warburton is a committed activist and philanthropist who embraces every chance he gets to give back to society. Addressing the packed crowd, Warburton talked about growing up as a homeless youth and being bullied for being gay, but he managed to thrive despite his experiences. He highlighted the critical point that many others didn’t thrive, and some did not even survive. That drove him to campaign for LGBTQ+ inclusion and awareness through his work to raise visibility and promote equality and acceptance. Warburton pinpointed a sentiment that may have been missed had you not been aware of how he walks the walk when he talks about inclusivity. He stated that this line was not only a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community but also a tribute to all the allies that have stood in support of the LGBTQ+ community –making this partnership truly and wholly inclusive.

In a heartfelt moment at the end of his speech, he announced that he was donating 100% of the profits of the “Derek Fabulous” collection. All the proceeds will go to GLSEN, A non-profit founded by teachers that recognize the role that educators play in creating conducive and empowering learning environments for LGBTQ+ youths. Their work helps ensure that students can learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment. Warburton acknowledges the impact an organization like GLSEN would have had on his life as an LGBTQ+ youth.

Despite the progress and festive scenes in West Hollywood, California, during PRIDE month, calls for equality for all continue across the globe. Unfortunately, Warburton commented that there are still people and groups determined to extinguish the freedom of expression. These people embark daily on a mission to muzzle and attempt to erase the LGBTQ+ community through social and political campaigns. The ensuing stigma affects countless lives, undoing years of work that members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies have put in. Because of the increased pressure, Warburton believes this is the perfect time to show up and remind the LGBTQ+ community they deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and seen.

For their part, Face Stockholm appreciates the opportunity to play a positive role in the LGBTQ+ community, especially with the recent “Don’t Say Gay” legislation that is such a monumental step backward in intolerance and division. Co-founder of FACE Stockholm, Martina Arfwidson, made it a point to state, “We take this opportunity to support our LGBTQ+ friends, colleagues, family, and all those who will be hurt or diminished by these laws — at FACE Stockholm, we say GAY and are proud to celebrate all that the “Derek Fabulous” collection stands for.”

This trifecta of Derek Warburton, Face Stockholm, and GLSEN seems to have transcended into something unique and special that will likely have tremendous support. If the launch was any indication, this line will not last long on the shelves.

The “Derek Fabulous” collection can be purchased at FACE Stockholm.

Written in partnership with Ascend