La Chenille Bridal Continues To Make A Brides Romantic Dream Come True With Their Elegant New Collection

Not every little girl dreams of their wedding day, but when they do, it’s picture-perfect. From the thrilling bachelorette party to saying the promising words of “I do” under the beachfront alter – the sequence of events is filled with all things beautiful, encapsulating A Romantic Dream.

In preparation for a bride’s big day comes extensive planning and, of course, wedding dress finding to fit the location of choice. As for most, a destination wedding is the essence of a dream wedding day. Built off the rise of destination weddings over the pandemic, La Chenille Bridal was born.

As a pioneer in ready-to-wear bridal swimwear, La Chenille’s high-end luxury lifestyle and beachwear designed pieces are market-leading, surrounding all things elegance. A testament to enduring love throughout all stages of marriage.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Looking to elope in the Bahamas? Marry your prince charming beachside in Cabo? Sit back and relax with your best friends on your tropical bachelorette weekend? Heirs’ to foregoing the classic wedding dress and replacing it with the sustainably made, moisture-wicking fabrics that are not only sustainable but also water, sand, and humidity-resistant. And did I mention the glamour collection of coverups are also two-way, four-way stretch, and ready to wear off the rack? An epic combination, if you ask me.

The newest La Chenille collection recently showcased at the NYFW Bridal Show gives “our brides the total romantic aspect of her special day or celebratory moments on the beach” at all times, said CEO Demi Raquel Thomas of La Chenille Bridal.

Highlighted on the runway were both one and two-piece bathing suits with a variety of cuts and styles. On top of the exceptionally designed variety of coverups is the inclusion of elegantly embellished maxi dresses, capes, tulle skirts, patented removable bridal trains, and accessories, including swim caps, sun hats, and headbands.

Photo Credit: La Chenille Bridal

A quick glance ahead for La Chenille Bridal is the unveiling of bodycare and skincare products (sunscreen, body lotion, body oil, and body mist spray), pop-up shops, and the expansion of styles symbolic of the brand’s core message of strength, femininity, and beauty. As Thomas often says, “You will want to get married in our coverups,” and based on the charm of these pieces, you definitely will.

Shop the collection today on La Chenille Bridal, to ensure you feel empowered, reborn, and all things glamourous for your soon to come, beach nuptial, ceremony or honeymoon vacay.