Spectre Spectacle: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Offers New Look at Luxurious Electric Super Coupe

In an exciting development, Rolls-Royce has released a new look at the latest in their line of innovative, ethereal branded vehicles: the Spectre. Designed as a spiritual successor to the Phantom, the upcoming Spectre will be both fully electric and equipped with the superior Rolls-Royce 3.0 system. 

As part of the new system, the Spectre will feature an integrated decentralized intelligence that boasts over 1,000 functions and 25,000 subfunctions. This powerful attention to detail will enable users unprecedented control and personalization inside and out of their vehicle. With the impressive breadth and depth of the new Rolls-Royce 3.0 system, specialists at Rolls-Royce are now calling the Spectre “Rolls-Royce in high-definition” 

Not to be outdone, the architecture of the Spectre will feature a dramatic, bold design with space and comfort in mind. The fastback style vehicle will come equipped with an all-aluminum space frame, classic split-headlight design, and 23 in. wheels, allowing for optimal stability. 

Inside the Spectre, engineers have taken advantage of the vehicle’s unique design and both deepened the dashboard and created a low-seating profile, giving owners a more spacious and comfortable ride. The heart and soul of the vehicle is its impressive 700kg battery pack, a feature that further exemplifies the Rolls Royce brand’s impressive attention to detail: located in a channel within the flooring of the car, the position of the Spectre’s battery will allow for maximum handling and control, while also greatly reducing exterior noise. 

Also essential to the Rolls-Royce brand is their vehicle’s rigorous winter testing. The Spectre will undergo extensive handling and predictability tests in the harshest of climates, with 2 million km of travel underneath its belt by the tests conclusion. This will allow for maximum ease-of-ride and vehicle performance, another crown jewel in the already illustrious Rolls-Royce pedigree.

For more information, visit the Rolls-Royce website here