Aline Hennessy: A Social Media Influencer Is Taking Over New Jersey Real Estate Market

Aline Hennessy is popular beyond her clientele because of her social media presence. She is an active social media influencer in the fashion field. Along with being an active associate in the real estate business, she is also the CEO of “The Brand Hennessy”. Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list. Aline’s two sons look up to their mother and get inspiration for a bright future.

She came to new york city from Washington DC and now lives on the coast in NJ she is taking over ocean county NJ realty in brick and toms river.   She quickly realized the potential of social media in the fashion industry and started creating content. Now she has almost 17K followers on Instagram. Then she entered the world of real estate and started an ever-flourishing journey. Let’s learn the art of multi-managing by Aline by understanding how she micromanages each aspect

Fashion: Aline’s love for fashion is evident on her social media profile. Her brilliance in the field has been validated over the years through various achievements. She had styles in collaboration with DVF. She has also been on a few television shows. She has participated in runways and got a deal with Flawless Models in New York. Aline’s style is chic and classy. She thinks outside the box but keeps the style quotient intact.

Social media Influencer: Aline is a strategic social media influencer. Instead of randomly creating and posting content, she studies and plans in advance. She had completed various courses to equip herself with the technicalities of social media. She keeps herself updated with the latest trends and posts to build connections and increase engagement with the audience.

Brand deals: Brand sponsorship is an integral part of social media. All the brand deals signed by Aline align with her mission and vision. She learns from each campaign and applies the experience to improve the next one. Check out her closet at Poshmark.

The Brand Hennessy: The Brand Hennessy is a style curated blog focused on fashion, Real estate and design, as arts created and run by Aline. She always attempts to build a loyal consumer base and create conversions. Disseminating fashion and styling information is the basis of The Brand Hennessy.

Real Estate: Aline Hennessy is a NEW JERSEY realtor. Her interest in lifestyle real estate can be witnessed on her social media handles as well. Always staying connected with the client and providing them with the best services is the mantra followed by Realtor Aline.

While playing all the roles in professional life Aline also takes care of her cute family. She is an American-based social media influencer offering the best to her clients. From sponsored products to real estate, she sells everything with elegance. Her strategic problem-solving approach to each field proves to be beneficial. Aline Hennessy- the fashion influencer, CEO, realtor, and mother, has made managing multiple roles simple with strategy and hard work.

I studied business, fashion and Interior Design. I travelled to London, Germany, Denmark, Hawaii, and up and down the East and West Coast, and this added much experience and knowledge regarding many fields and industries.

Not only that, I had several certificates related to social media influence. Also, I participated in many conferences and workshops.

Q: Why Brick NJ? A: Brick is very up and coming from Sephora and Trader Joe’s now calling Brick it’s home to many developers rushing to buy land to develop to keep up with demand. I love Brick. We have amazing neighborhoods and we are close to the beaches, we have a little of everything here. I also call Brick my home.

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