Meet House of Gro – The First CBD Brand To Be Certified Microbiome-Friendly

House of GRŌ is the newest CBD skincare line to hit the market – and the first to be certified as Microbiome-Friendly. Founded by siblings Irina Gottesman and Sam Kandhorov, House of GRŌ is a CBD skincare line that is genderless, inclusive, and completely clean beauty. Irina and Sam have been building brands together for decades; they have a 25-year track record in the luxury market, both with their own passions for wellness — Irina in beauty and Sam with a doctorate in Eastern Medicine. They built House of GRŌ after finding the many benefits CBD has for the skin. 

House of GRŌ embodies wellness inside and out; it is so much more than skincare – it is a lifestyle. House of Grō is plant-based and all-natural, without commonly used preservatives or chemicals you can’t pronounce. All clean beauty is not created equal; with only 12 ingredients or less, House of Grō is transparent about its product formulations and created with the highest quality.

House of GRŌ is the first microbiologist–certified skincare brand to feature the proprietary blend of Chaga Mushroom and Full-Spectrum CBD. Chaga and CBD make for a high-performance power-couple of skincare and overall wellness – many times more powerful than either ingredient alone. The ingredients are proven to balance the skin’s natural microbiome and restore health and vitality for all ages and skin types.

House of GRŌ brings a new level of authentic, clean beauty to the skincare world. Although the fusion of Chaga and CBD is new to the market, the science behind it has been around for thousands of years. The company uses USDA-certified organic and cruelty-free ingredients and is also dedicated to sustainable practices. 

House of GRŌ is available at and