Lewis Douglas Jr Masters The Entrepreneurial Spirit With His Expanding Empire

He started out as a young man with a dream, only to make as much money as possible. Now Lewis Douglas Jr is the owner and founder of four businesses: one established towing company, a firearm training course, a private yacht, and a new parking app that’s filled to the brim with potential. This clever young entrepreneur is on the fast track to consistent success. He’s been able to use his business expertise to tap into a much-needed niche, and so far, he’s been received with nothing but enthusiasm.

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Lewis has the right mindset for building an empire. He has always known that he could never be satisfied working for someone else. His latest business venture, iPermit, was inspired by his first company, Diamond Towing. After almost a decade in the towing business, Lewis found an ingenious way to solve the issues that constantly arise in parking lots. He began to develop iPermit in 2019, as a solution for visitor parking management in private and residential parking lots. The app is still in its early days, but it’s already being picked up by prestigious apartment complexes and established event managers. Lewis will soon be releasing a new version of the iPermit app and web platform that will provide a comprehensive parking management program for all types of parking locations and he is sure that it will be a game changer.

Lewis has been business-minded from a young age and has always kept himself busy. While in high school, his peers regularly looked to him to have the latest album, fresh apparel, and even electronics for sale. He also played the drums in his high school band. Lewis has always had a strong work ethic, but running his own business taught him the importance of time management and teamwork. He surrounds himself with like-minded people that are committed to exceptional work standards and is not afraid to disassociate himself from anyone that doesn’t share his passion.

Growing up in a single-parent home is what really pushed Lewis to make a name for himself. While his mother had a stable job and was always able to keep him happy and healthy, Lewis wanted to create an even better life for himself and his future family. After earning an Associates Degree in Business Management and struggling to find work that was fulfilling, Lewis was inspired to start his own business. He is an inspirational young entrepreneur that has remained humble throughout his rise to the top. He’s never cared about becoming a celebrity or being popular; but if he can inspire at least one person, Lewis will know that he’s done something right.

Lewis is proud of working his way up from the bottom. Starting out with humble beginnings, the serial entrepreneur has been able to turn mud into millions. He puts all his effort into everything he does, from his businesses to his family and everything in between. Lewis is a business-savvy entrepreneur who knows that hard work, determination, and finding the right talent are the keys to success.

Written in partnership with Ascend