Entrepreneur Michael Ede Builds Success With Determination

“If you desire to fulfill your dreams, stay persistently determined.” Lailah Gifty Akita

To be truly successful, an individual has to put in effort and energy with consistency, and it only happens when they are determined. There are times when a person may doubt their capabilities, yet one has to be steadfast and believe in themselves to be successful. Michael Ede is an entrepreneur, sports enthusiast, mentor, and investor working diligently to provide a platform to individuals who want to showcase their skills in the sports world. Ede is the founder of Maigmike Consulting, where he also serves as CEO and started Uplift11 as part of his effort to instill the love of sports in young athletes. Born on March 3, 1975, Ede currently resides in the UK and is originally from Nigeria. Ede completed his undergraduate degree with a B.Sc. Honours in Biochemistry from the University of Jos, Nigeria. In 2011, Ede attained his Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (MMUBS), UK. 

Building a change with Uplift11 and Maigmike Consulting

“The quality of life you experience will be determined by your allocation of focus.” Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Uplift11 has been bringing forth young individuals who want to pursue sports and provide them a platform to organise their goals and envision their future. Uplift11 is a sports management agency that focuses on contract negotiation, financial management, and securing endorsements and commercials for sports talents across the globe. The experience to run Uplift11 came from various sources where Ede has given immaculate performances such as eBay Enterprise, Lehman Brothers, Atlantic Asset Management Bank, RBS, Satander Global Banking and Marketing, Lloyds Banking Group, and Willis Towers Watson. Ede has worked as a Senior Consultant for more than three years for Capgemini. He has also served as a Pega Project Manager for HSBC and Lead Scrum Master for Barclays Investment Banking, Anglian Water Services, and the Bank of Ireland (BOI) Programme. Later, Ede served as a Global Release Lead at HSBC Commercial Banking. Due to his consistent hard work, Ede became contracted as a Deployment Lead in 2019 for seven months at AstraZeneca. Currently, Ede is at Brighter Connect serving as Director of Training and Development.

Magmike Consulting gives smart solutions to organisations to strategise how they should go about their daily operations and logistics. Ede has been helping companies transform themselves by giving them industry insights and resources. Ede commenced his career in September 2004 as a Project Support Officer and Contractor at NHS Foundation Trust at Southend University Hospital, London. Later, he joined T-Mobile as a Junior Finance Analyst as a contractor. Ede has accomplished a lot in his career as he has been an expert in all the responsibilities given to him by proving to be a gifted individual. Ede has spent most of his career as a Project Manager working relentlessly in several companies, facing diverse conditions, which empowered Ede to engross himself to succeed and understand his surroundings.

A determined attitude

“Our reality is a creation of our perception. Our perception is determined by our mindset.” ― Anupama Garg

Ede is a licensed Football Association (FA) Registered Intermediary (agent) and a member of the Professional Football Agents Association (PROFAA). He has worked with gifted and famous players such as Charlevy Mabiala, Lewis Horner, Tonći Kukoč, and Lugiani Gallardo. Ede has worked with coaches as Sergey Matveyev and Emanuele Ferraro, popular for their coaching styles. As the world has been engulfed with the COVID-19 pandemic, the game of football had an irreparable loss as matches were stopped from happening. Ede chose to battle it out and worked determinedly to be unyielding. Ede decided to overcome all the hardships which were constricting him from helping others. With the pandemic leaving a permanent mark on the world, the game of football is suffering. Yet, Ede did all he could with consistent effort to keep the game booming and keep the audience’s interests alive. Ede works with individuals, government agencies, and the corporate sector by providing end-to-end training workshops, classes, and training. 

Ede has mentored many individuals in finding their passion and giving them a nudge in finding out how they would perform in sports. It is truly an art to be focused and patient with so many responsibilities on one’s shoulders, and Ede has done that flawlessly. When a person begins to be persistent, they tend to have a world full of possibilities, which decides their future. As there is sufficient work required to be immaculate in a field, Ede has dedicated his life to be the most refined version of himself. When a person begins to climb the ladder of success, they need to keep in mind that confidence is key as other individuals may try to demotivate them. There are moments when a person may feel constrained, yet Ede has been unblemished in the yearn to be optimistic. When individuals recognise that their hard work and persistency have altered their surroundings, they tend to embrace the change. Ede has let the feelings of empowerment rule through him and assist him in making choices that would help others around him.

There are moments when an individual may feel that there will be difficulties, yet it is key to be positive. Victory only comes to those who avoid harmful judgments of others and imagine themselves to flourish. It is vital to keep an aim in mind which permits an individual to be prepared and attentive. As an individual, one should explore their imagination and not be restricted, they should also exercise compassion. Achievements are not easily attained, and to maintain them, a person should exercise flexibility and willpower. Ede, with his intelligence, has been a source of encouragement to a couple of individuals as he has given proper attention to his environment. Ede has been a forerunner in refining and educating people to find their calling. It is vital to be watchful and not permit peripheral issues to dull down a person’s aura. Ede has been at work uninterruptedly to offer a path to the new generation which benefits his surroundings and the youth.

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