Market America Worldwide Leadership Defines The Next Chapter

Fat Joe

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The Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2021 International Convention, held August 26th through August 28th, brought thousands of entrepreneurs and their guests together, both online and at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, N.C., to celebrate the vigorous growth of their businesses and to look forward to continued success. The company’s first hybrid event marked the first time people were able to attend one of the company’s two major annual events in person since the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2020 World Conference in February 2020.

Market America entrepreneurs, known as UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs), and their guests watched as company executives and UFO leaders introduced and discussed new products and new tools to help build UnFranchise Business success. The event’s hottest announcement was that UFOs and their customers in the U.S. and Canada can now use cryptocurrency via BitPay to pay for products on SHOP.COM, the highly successful e-commerce site that every UFO uses to retail millions of products from thousands of online stores to customers. The company plans to introduce BitPay to SHOP.COM sites owned by UFOs in other Market Countries in the coming months. UFOs attending the convention also learned that they and their customers in the U.S. can now “buy now, pay later” with Sezzle, which lets shoppers pay for their products over a six-week period with no interest. Additionally, a new SHOP LIVE sales tool, which gives UFOs the ability to sell products during live streaming shows through clickable icons, was unveiled.

Marc Ashley

Photo Credit: Market America Worldwide

On Thursday, August 26th, President and COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley, took the stage to launch a number of new and relevant exclusive Market America products, including Neuro Focus™, which is formulated with clinically supported ingredients to optimize brain vitality, Heart Health Blood Pressure and Vascular Support, a cutting-edge formula that is ideal for individuals looking to support healthy blood pressure or maintain blood pressure within a normal range for their age group, and Shopping Annuity® Premium Wellbeing Tea, an herbal tea with a balance of botanicals like ashwagandha and licorice, for helping push through day-to-day routines.

“The Shopping Annuity® Premium Wellbeing Tea is our first adaptogenic product, meaning it’s a customized formula that you can’t get anywhere else. The product is vegan, caffeine-free, no GMOs and gluten-free,” said Ashley

On Friday, August 27th, Ashley brought even bigger news to all attending the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM International Convention 2021 by giving new details about SHOP LIVE, a virtual, interactive, live-streaming shopping experience that Ashley has called, “the biggest and best tool” the company has ever released. With SHOP LIVE, UFOs can launch their own live online meeting, talk about the products they love and share clickable “buy-it-now” links in the meeting itself. SHOP NOW is powered by Verb Technology Company Inc. (VERB • NASDAQ), the leader in interactive video-based sales enablement applications, including interactive live-stream e-commerce, webinar, CRM and marketing applications for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

At a Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM International Convention booth in Greensboro that was also available virtually to online attendees, UnFranchise Owners were able to see firsthand how to set up the clickable in-video icons for their SHOP LIVE live streams. These clickable icons let live-stream guests purchase products with “but-it-now” buttons, receive additional product information, schedule follow-up appointments and access other customizable, interactive features, for a fun, social and friction-free experience. Even more exciting to UFOs, is that those from different organizations can attend the same SHOP LIVE event and still have each customer’s purchase applied back to the appropriate UFO.

Also new to this year’s convention, attendees were able to connect with experts at the Sezzle booth. Sezzle (SZL • ASL) is a financial technology company and highest-rated “buy now, pay later” online payment provider that allows shoppers the convenience of paying in four easy installments over six weeks with zero interest. Now, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM’s partnership with Sezzle offers this unique and valuable way for UFOs, their customers and consumers to shop online.

JR Ridinger

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The event’s theme was “The Next Chapter.” Founder, Chairman and CEO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM, JR Ridinger, who created the Shopping Annuity as the backbone of the UnFranchise Business he conceived nearly 30 years ago, shared what UFOs can expect the next chapter of their UnFranchise Businesses to look like.

Also on Friday, Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder and Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM took the stage and got personal about the difference between having goals and reaching them.

Loren Ridinger

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“You see, everyone fantasizes about a lot of things in life,” said Loren Ridinger. “Yet only very few achieve what they desire because of their philosophy. There are times when you are brought down into distress by hurdles and problems in your life. But the one who doesn’t give up, is the one who reaches their goals. The thing you have to do is keep going. And when you have stuff happen, you still have to ‘G-S-D’ which is Get Stuff Done. We have a tendency to make excuses for why we can’t get things done. We need to stop making excuses. It’s so important to remember that we all have the same hours in a day. And we all have things happen to us. So, G-S-D.”

Loren is also the founder of the Motives® line of cosmetics which saw several new beauty products unveiled at the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM International Convention 2021. She and her Motives team announced the Motives Sublime Eye Shadow Palette that arrives just in time for more in-person social activities – you still want to bring the glam, even for more intimate get-togethers.

Steve Ashley

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On Saturday, August 28th, Steve Ashley, President and COO of SHOP.COM, officially announced the use of cryptocurrency as the next chapter in purchasing products on all SHOP.COM sites.

“Today I’m announcing that SHOP.COM is going to be accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies through BitPay,” said Ashley. We’re going to be offering this on both U.S. and Canada SHOP.COM sites with plans to accept cryptocurrency in all Market Countries in the coming months. We went with BitPay because they are the industry leader. They are the world’s largest in Bitcoin and crypto payment services.”

“SHOP.COM and Market America are such great brands,” said Sonny Singh BitPay Chief Commercial Officer. “What I really like about them as such a great fit is because of your international presence. The fact that you are only doing 40% of your volume in America means it’s a really global brand. In countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia, it’s very hard to make payments. Credit cards are not everywhere and, in those countries, BitPay and crypto is the cheapest, quickest payment option to accept Bitcoin and to receive payment options as well.”

As usual, celebrity guests and close friends of the Ridingers took part in the International Convention, both in person and via video conference and for the first time ever, the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM International Convention 2021 hosted a live Saturday night celebration featuring Grammy-nominated artist and entrepreneur, Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena, the company’s President of Urban and Latino Development, who performed and mesmerized the crowd with hit after hit.

“As Loren says, get stuff done. And if you need to eliminate negative people, take a vacation from them,” said JR Ridinger. “Get new blood in your organization. Progress equals happiness. I can attest to the fact that I was beating myself up, not progressing and not getting stuff done. Loren was right, right again.What we have rivals Google. We have all the information you need at your fingertips and everybody shops. What if we could tie that to economics so everybody does better and everybody pays less? From the bottom of my heart, I hope happens for you – but I also hope you realize, it’s going to take action on your part to accomplish your goals. We’ve given you the roadmap but only you can walk the path. Your journey to success awaits. This is the next chapter.”


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