Why Does Every Brand Want To Work With Rising Star Obi Nwankwo?

Photo Credit: Obi Nwankwo

Marketing is essential for every brand in today’s media climate. Brands allocate millions of
dollars every year towards their marketing budget in order to solidify their image, increase sales
and improve brand awareness.

Because marketing is crucial, big named brands such as McDonald’s, Microsoft, NIKE, Under
Armor, Puma, Gucci, Bose, AT&T, Honda, and Uber are even more crucial with the talent they
pick to accurately represent them because of how much money is on the line. This is what
makes Obi Nwankwo the go-to guy to invest millions of marketing dollars into.

So why is it crucial for every big brand to work with hotshot talent Obi Nwankwo? Because he
delivers EVERY TIME! When it comes to camera presence, energy, talent, consistency, work
ethic, reliability, and creative input it makes sense why all the big brands come running to Obi,
week after week. He is a former Division 1 Track & Field record-breaking athlete at Boston
College, standing tall at 6’2” with an incredible physique, jawline, and smile that leaves
audiences craving for more. He exemplifies the term “Beauty & Brains” after graduating with
honors in Finance, Management & Accounting from a top 5 Business school. I can’t even do my
own taxes, but I am sure if I asked Obi..he could:)

Wasting marketing dollars is never a brand’s objective, which is why Obi Nwankwo proves to be
worth every penny. You book him and your commercial goes viral and sales drastically
increase…why go with anyone else? That’s why they keep coming back and is a big reason you
have seen him in Nationally Syndicated commercials for Uber, Converse, Under Armor, ESPN,
and many more. Or you may have seen him working on projects with your favorite celebrities
such as Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Steve Harvey, and
Julianna Moore to name a few. Regardless, if you have seen him or not, you are about to see a
lot more of Obi on the big screen.

Obi’s talent does not just start and stop in the commercial world. He is one of the top models in
the world. Along with that, he owns a very successful high fashion sunglass company called
“Knotwtr” that will be releasing Volume 1 this summer in July. To top it all off, he is also a rising
star in the TV & Film space. He has appeared in multiple cameos and small roles for network
shows on Netflix, ABC, CBS, Amazon Prime, & Comedy Central. He holds over 20+ TV & Film
credits on IMDB in Indie & Network projects primarily as a Leading Man, and Guest-Star!
He even made an appearance dancing alongside Grammy winner Tyler The Creator during the
highly anticipated 2020 Grammy performance. I mean…what cant this kid do?
If you haven’t worked with rising star Obi Nwankwo yet, this may be the time to get him. He has
many big projects coming out in 2021….he will be a face you will be getting used to for years to

You can keep up with him on Instagram and follow his page: @itsobinwankwo for updates and news!

Written In Partnership With Ascend