Sevyn Streeter Spills All On Her Sophomore Album, New Single, “Guilty” & Her Greatest Guilty Pleasures

Sevyn StreeterPhoto Credit: Owen Langer

Sevyn Streeter has been a girl disrupted (and known for the album of the same name since making her debut in 2017). The 34-year-old singer/songwriter/performer has much more to say, and say it she will this summer when she releases her sophomore album, Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz, which fans will get a glimpse of shortly when she releases the album’s first single, “Guilty”, featuring Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg. Haute Living caught up with the Haines City, Florida native to talk about her new music, finding creative inspiration and her five biggest “guilty” pleasures.

Sevyn StreeterPhoto Credit: Owen LangerWhat can fans expect from your forthcoming album Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz?

Fans can expect more of the things that they have expressed to me that they love. I try my very best to really, really listen to them. I know that they love subject matter and really really juicy, honest conversations within the song. They love to hear me talk about my perspective on my relationships, and my perspective on being a woman and the things that we go through, so they’ll definitely have more of that. They going to definitely have a lot of turned sh*t because, you know, I’m at a place in my life where I’m having a really great time. I also love harmonies and crazy melodies and a lot of really cool features. So I’m excited about having subject matter that we can have open dialogue about once the album is out.

What’s your interpretation of the album title?

I mean when you hear Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz, you think “Oh okay, this person had a couple of drinks and now they just spilling their guts and telling the truth,” which we did have a couple of drunken nights, which were a whole lot of fun. But, you can also be under the influence of so many different things: love, lust, heartbreak, regret. So, that is what Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz means to me.

How did your latest single “Guilty” featuring Chris Brown & A$AP Ferg come about?

Guilty was actually sent to me by Chris’ cousin Spice, and I love as a songwriter receiving songs that I didn’t write that still speak to me and that I still connect with. I just really really loved it. I really loved the James Brown ‘Big Payback’ flip because I love flipping nostalgic records and samples.

Sevyn StreeterPhoto Credit: Brandon Almengo

What was it like creating this with them during the pandemic?

It was the same way as creating everything else during the pandemic. You know, you create things virtually. Thank God for technology because I think we were all kinda glued to our houses and couldn’t really leave while creating during the pandemic. So I’m just appreciative that we were able to send things and be productive and get a great record done.

What track are you proudest of and which is most personal and why?

I think the track that is closest to my heart is a song called “Wet Dreamz” with me and Jeremih. I love that song because for one he’s one of my closest and longest friends in this business. It was the last song we did before he unfortunately got sick with Covid and it was the last song that we did where his father was there and sat in on the session. We lost his father a couple of weeks later, so that song holds a special place in my heart because his dad really loved that song and Jeremih sounds so great.

How have you grown during the pandemic?

I’ve grown because I’ve always kind of been a loner and done well with spending alone time and actually really enjoyed it. But this time I dove into meditation and journaling and even more into myself. I think it was really healthy for all of us.

Sevyn StreeterPhoto Credit: Brandon Almengo

You’ve struggled with your mental health. Can you speak to that? How did you overcome your struggles?

Well, the pandemic surprisingly helped me realize how far I’ve come with the struggle of my mental health because, like I said, I was forced to spend a lot of time alone. I just more so dove into learning about myself and it allowed me to see how far I’ve come in terms of learning how to cope with different emotions and balancing different feelings.

What does the rest of your 2021 look like?

The rest of my 2021 looks like an obscene amount of creativity in every aspect….songwriting, videos, performances, acting, reality shows, docuseries. And lots of glam!

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

The greatest luxury in life to me is peace of mind. I don’t think that anything surpasses that. When you’re at peace, it affects every other aspect and relationship in your life. It’s something that no one can steal away from you. All sorts of things can go left or right or up and down, but when you figure out how to tap into your peace at any given moment and really stay in that space and live there, that’s priceless to me

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