Happy Jewelers Is Always Taking Their Custom Jewelry The Extra Mile

Written In Partnership With Lost Boy Entertainment 

Photo Credit: Lost Boy EntertainmentA man in Dallas was about to experience one of the most memorable moments of his life: his engagement day. In search of the perfect ring, he contacted Happy Jewelers in Orange County looking for a customized ring to make his engagement even more special. However, he did so on four days’ notice. What would usually be a four-week process was expedited by Happy Jewelers, as they worked overtime to fulfill his request while working on other clients’ pieces simultaneously.

Short on time, Happy Jewelers missed the last pickup for UPS, so a specialist from the company boarded a plane and personally flew the custom-made engagement ring to Dallas in time for the engagement. The customer was beyond thankful and happy.  This is just one example of the impeccable quality of service expected when working with the team at Happy Jewelers.

Photo Credit: Lost Boy Entertainment

“We started small, just family,” Gabe Arik shares. “In fact, my wife, Susie, worked alongside me for many years prior to starting our own family.” As a family business, Gabe and Danny Arik share the same core values and ideals when it comes to the Happy Jewelers’ business model. This “hive-mind” mentality allows for Happy Jewelers to create a welcoming, warm feel to their physical store, online store, as well as their customer interactions.

As young entrepreneurs, the Arik brothers worked hard to build a name for themselves in the jewelry industry and earn the respect of their peers, suppliers, and customers. The superb customer service Gabe and Danny have molded their business model around was one of the first aspects of Happy Jewelers that set it apart from competitors.

No matter what the cost of a product is or how detailed a request may be, Happy Jewelers is committed to providing the same amount of dedication and quality of work to each client. “We want everyone to have a happy, stress-free shopping experience, whether you’re buying a $200 piece or $200,000 piece of jewelry,” the Arik brothers share.

Photo Credit: Lost Boy EntertainmentAt the end of the day, Happy Jewelers has found such great success, due to their ability to go the extra mile for their clientele. As they are constantly expanding their product offerings to include the most cutting-edge designs in the industry, the Arik brothers are actively maintaining the customer service they are known for.

Recently named Orange County’s best jewelers, Happy Jewelers and the Arik brothers are aiming higher for the future: the best jewelry store in the nation.

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.