CEO Of The Country’s Largest Dual-Branded Ferrari Dealership, Onofrio Triarsi, Jr., Talks About Upholding His Family’s Legacy

Photo Credit: Ferrari of Central Florida

Onofrio Triarsi, Jr., is the Dealer Principal of Triarsi Automotive – a family legacy that he leads with pride. Their announcement of the brand new location of Ferrari Maserati of Central Florida is another notch in their 50-year family history with Ferrari. What was started by Onofrio Triarsi, Sr., in the ’60s, is now a state-of-the-art, 62,000 square-foot luxury facility run by Triarsi, Jr.; a testament to what hard work and dedication can accomplish in a family business. 

“Guided by our passion for Ferrari, and the heritage that it represents, my family is extremely excited to design, build and bring one of the country’s largest Ferrari dealerships, and undoubtedly the most beautiful, to other Ferraristi in the Central Florida community and its visitors from around the world,” says Triarsi Jr.

Besides being a CEO, Triarsi, Jr., has also established an impressive racing career with Triarsi Automotive’s racing division, Triarsi Motorsports. Triarsi Motorsports brought home the 2020 championship in the Ferrari Challenge North America and Triarsi, Jr., has personally brought home first place in both the 2012 and 2013 Ferrari Challenge North America, along with numerous other wins.

Recently, Onofrio Triarsi, Jr., talked with Haute Living about his family’s legacy, how his racing career has helped shape his journey, and his advice for the young CEOs of the future.  

Photo Credit: Ferrari of Central Florida

What is the story of the company and your family’s heritage with Ferrari?

In 1965, my father immigrated from Italy with his family. Seven years later, he incorporated Classic Coach Repair in Elizabeth, NJ, and performed all the coachwork for Ferrari in North America, later becoming the first-ever authorized Ferrari Bodyshop in the US. Building on his success and reputation, he opened Ferrari of Central Florida and then Ferrari of Tampa Bay. Our family’s passion and relationship with Ferrari extends over 49 years. Our customers know our history and it’s really what sets us apart.

What advantages and impact will this new location bring for Ferrari and Central Florida? 

We wanted to create a facility that truly represents the product we sell. Something extremely special where clients are able to bring friends, feel comfortable, and receive the experience they deserve.

Photo Credit: Ferrari of Central Florida

How has your journey been as a young businessman and CEO?

Not so easy! It’s been a difficult journey with non-stop challenges, but it has taught me so much about life, people, and my ability to push myself. In the beginning, a lot of your ambitions or goals are typically selfish ones; how can I do better than everyone else? how can I make more money? how can I create more success for myself? I quickly learned that that thinking led to a short-lived feeling of success and was unsustainable for long-term growth. The most drastic development in my journey is how my overall mindset has changed. When you come to the realization that being a leader is no longer about one’s self and your concern becomes the success, growth, and happiness of your team and others around you, it unlocks a different perspective on life. I’m very fortunate to have started my journey early and look forward to the years to come with my team.

Do you feel your former racing career impacts your life and decisions in business?

Without a doubt, my racing background has had a huge impact on business and in life. In racing, there is a tremendous amount of preparation, training, concentration, teamwork, and dedication that all carry over to creating a successful business. One of the most impactful traits of racing is the requirement to make instant decisions. I notice that a lot of businesses struggle to make decisions, and when they do, it’s typically too late. In racing, you have to make split-second decisions. Whether it’s right or wrong, you have to make one. Racing has many ups and downs, and you’re constantly presented with different challenges, just like in business. The business world is very competitive; it’s a constant race with no finish line. 

Photo Credit: Ferrari of Central Florida

Do you plan on passing down the Ferrari legacy to the next generation in your family as well?

Of course. Ferrari is our heritage. From the time we were very young, my father always involved my sister and me in the stores and the race activities, and I hope to do the same in the future.

What advice would you give other young businessmen looking to become CEO someday? 

Don’t let age determine the amount of success you’re able to achieve. Focus on developing yourself daily and surround yourself with the types of people you want to become. Know every aspect of your business (I’m just as comfortable talking about a Ferrari as I am working on one). You need to be able to self-motivate and continue on with a positive mindset regardless of the situation. Face every challenge head-on, knowing there is a solution for everything. Treat every customer and employee like family. Be honest, humble, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Never lose sight of how everything started. In the end, we’re all human, we all have a passion, and we all need each other.

For more information on the newly opened Ferrari Maserati of Central Florida, please visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.