Digital Agency – Greedy Growth – Providing The Best Results

Written in partnership with Ascend 

Photo Credit: Greedy Growth

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is social media. Whether it’s checking your friends or the brands and influencers you watch, chances are you check in on at least one social media platform daily, if not hourly. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram catch everyone’s attention.

However, in the crowded sphere of social media, businesses can sometimes have a difficult time attacking the problem of actually reaching people on these lucrative platforms. Meet Greedy Growth – the solution to that. Greedy Growth helps brands tell their stories on social media. 

Having worked with more than 50 businesses since launch, Greedy Growth has the ability to help brands transform their social media pages into a marketing asset to take them to the next level. Greedy Growth offers all sorts of services surrounding social media including paid advertising and page management to help brands reach as many people as possible – it caters to all.

The team at Greedy Growth spoke to us and informed us of some of the benefits associated with marketing on social media:


Greedy Growth said that when you start to build up a community on social media, you gradually increase your credibility. This is because new visitors will see that your brand has a solid presence on social media and instantly trust your brand a lot more than a brand that, let us say, has less social media presence.


Social media isn’t just another marketing gimmick, it has real value and ability to drive huge numbers for your business, proven by Greedy Growth’s own existing clients. Despite this, many are still stuck on print advertising, hugely overvaluing it, whilst undervaluing marketing on social media. As such, there’s a huge potential right now for brands to leverage social media and use agencies like Greedy Growth.

What sets Greedy Growth apart from the other social media agencies is their attention to detail, and the effort and care that their team puts in to ensure every single client of theirs is getting the most out of social media.

In the complex world of digital media marketing and social media, Greedy Growth is definitely a handy agency to have by your side.