Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer: From Conducting Numerous Races To Owning The Best-Performing Horses And Camels

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Saeed GhedayerPhoto Credit: Saeed Ghedayer

Animal racing has been one of the most competitive sports in the world for centuries. The racing of horses and camels is a part of the culture in Emirati society. Mr. Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer is the owner and trainer of prestigious racing horses and camels in the United Arab Emirates. He is an individual who has a lot of experience in the field of racing and training animals.

He has conducted numerous racing competitions all over the world. He was able to successfully promote the tournaments because of his relationship with the Dubai ruling family. The interest of royalty gave impetus and traction to the competitions held by him in the country. The interest in spectating racing derbies by the royal family helped his tournaments remain in the spotlight. After spending years in this profession, he understood a lot about the science of racing and animals. He decided to move from conducting tournaments to owning the horses and the camels. With his research and understanding of animals, he was able to raise the best-performing horses and camels. He trained the animals in such a way that they were stronger and faster than their competition. He also provided the animals with optimal diet and nutrition, helping them develop into beasts on the racing tracks.

His years of experience helped to not only understand the animals, but also the jockey. He always helped them train optimally and efficiently. He also helped assist in regimenting a training schedule for the jockeys. The training was structured around increasing the core strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration of the rider. After all, the rider would be riding an animal that was more than five times his weight and size. He comprehended that the animal is only as good as the rider. Both of them had to be in synchronization to win and be the best. Over the years, he was able to raise horses and camels that won competitions around the globe. He has earned quite the name and fame around the racing circuits for the results achieved by his horses and camels winning tournaments and accolades.

The racing communities should watch out for the horses and camels raised by Mr. Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer at the circuit. The next time we watch a derby, we can keep an eye on the horse or camel raised under his enterprise. The trainers around the globe can learn a few tricks from him to improve their methods of training.