Meet Jay Jiang Yu – The Man With A Midas Touch

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Jay Jiang Yu

When a person is exceptionally well at something, they have a habit of making it look effortless. Think of Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar, Lionel Messi dribbling the ball or Pablo Picasso painting on a canvas. All of the aforementioned individuals also have what you might call the Midas touch – the ability to make a success of everything they are involved in. It’s something that many observers also believe entrepreneur Jay Yu has in abundance when it comes to building brands.

The unconventional and self-made international businessman has a habit of investing in startups in the private and public sectors that go on to prove their weight in gold. The portfolio of companies he is involved with is huge, and it includes everything from gold mining to sports equipment, blood diagnostics, a disruptive private jet firm he co-founded, and even legal cannabis. He has invested in renowned companies such as Airbnb and has been head-hunted by hundreds of companies on the strength of his reputation alone.

As a self-taught private investor with a BA in Psychology from the City College of New York, while working full time, Jay is an excellent student of human nature and attributes his success in the world of business to this.

“If you don’t take the time to learn what makes people tick, you’re always going to be a second-rate businessman in my books,” explained Jay. “Everything comes down to human nature and the business world is no different. Before I get involved in any venture, I ask myself, ‘What does it offer people? Why will they want it? What does it have that they can’t get anywhere else?’ They’re simple yet effective questions that have a habit of making the wheels of the economy turn.”

Although he has a habit of courting success, Jay’s background entails he never takes for granted how far he has traveled, or how easily things can change if he loses his focus or gets complacent. Jay explained, “I come from poverty and grew up on government assistance. As a first-generation immigrant I often faced racism, but such negativity only made me stronger and more determined. It also instilled in me the willingness to take calculated risks. I wanted to get ahead and I realized nothing would ever be given to me on a plate.”

It’s Jay’s willingness to risk both money and time on ensuring that the brands he’s involved with are a success that has led many to describe him as having the Midas touch, but Jay is quick to describe it another way. “To me, failure is not an option. Where others see the Midas touch, I simply see a limitless and relentless mindset to get the job done and done well.”