Mike Tran Offers A New Franchise Option For Dentist

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Dr. Mike Tran

Floss Dental is the fastest growing dental retain brand with its headquarters in Houston. The brand has opened approximately 12 offices in North Texas within a short period. Floss Dental aims to expand nationwide and is already working on opening three more offices in Ohio, Georgia, and the U.S Virgin Islands. The brand is now inviting other people to join its journey to new heights with its Franchise program.

Floss Dental is owned and managed by Dr. Mike Tran, the top dentist in Houston. He specializes in veneers and is ready to heal anyone no matter what kind of dental issue they are facing. Floss Dental is the brainchild of Dr. Mike Tran who has adopted a unique philosophy to help the brand stand out in the crowd. He wants to give a fresh experience to every new patient every day with a bit more care, more attention, and a feeling of familiarity. This is the secret to the brand growing by leaps and bounds.

Dr. Mike Tran migrated to the U.S from Vietnam with his family when he was a child. Struggling with poverty from a young age, he quickly learned to overcome challenges in life. After studying business management at Texas Tech University, he followed his passion to heal people and enrolled in Howard College of Dentistry. He moved on to study at Houston Advanced Education in General Dentistry AEGD, where he was offered the position of a faculty of live implant surgery courses for his critical thinking and excellent understanding of the curriculum. He later started his clinic as Floss Dental in Magnolia, Texas.

Floss Dental has grown from an old dental office in Magnolia to a popular dental brand that comprises a huge Floss family of patients, dentists, and staff. With the Franchise program, anyone can become a part of the Floss family and also profit from it. Franchises are a great business opportunity when it begins with an already strong brand. There are fewer challenges as the franchise already has a tried and tested method of success to follow.

The brand will completely support the franchise to grow with expert advice. Marketing strategies are also not a concern because the brand knows well what works to find new customers or clients. An established dental brand like Floss will immediately give some credibility to the franchise adding more value to it.

Another concern of starting a business is training professionals to adhere to company policies. This even takes years to reach a satisfactory level. Dental Floss hires people by their attitude and behavior and not just by their professionalism. Every staff has been trained to provide a higher level of care and personal attention. Floss already trains the staff to ensure the franchise works by the unique philosophy of the brand that is one of the pillars of its success.

Dr. Mike Tran’s desire to help others has always been welcomed by the people he serves. Now his move to extend the family of Floss Dental with franchising will take the brand new heights and benefit many more people.