Doing The Best He Can, Prosingh Is An Entrepreneur Who Has Raised The Bar Of Excellence!

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Photo Credit: Prosingh

Parwinder Singh, aka Prosingh is an 18 years old, Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer,  and social media influencer. Prosingh started his career at an early age when people believed that he couldn’t do it. Prosingh started programming when he was just 13, and by the age of 15, he launched an Android app, “Money Rewards” which helps other teenagers to earn money using their smartphones being at the comfort of one’s own home. Moreover, he went to create various apps like, “Goodr” which helps anyone with excess food to donate it directly to various NGOs in the region. Alongside, he was participating in various Hackathon/Coding Competitions to test his skills and build a new revolutionary app.

Prosingh received a big break when he launched his start-up, instaEASY, at an age of 16.InstaEASY is an Instagram marketing tool that helps people to get more exposure to their targeted audience, leading to growth. In the last 2 years, InstaEASY was able to help over 5000+ clients and helped them to receive 150% growth within the first 3 weeks of usage. InstaEASY continues to escalate, ProSingh focused on providing Knowledge about Instagram growth, and within 2 months, he wrote his first book – “the actual growth hack- complete guide for Instagram”, which centered around Instagram marketing secrets. The Actual growth hack is a complete guide about Instagram, where you can learn about growth hacks, basic terms about Instagram, secret ways to grow, ways towards organic growth, and where to find useful resources for your Instagram growth.  You can also learn more about shadowban, Instagram automation, Instagram IGTV  growth, and many other secret ways to grow on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Prosingh

This book will standalone help you to learn everything about Instagram growth, and how to make productive use of Instagram.

Prosingh affirms that it is important for an individual to be determined to their goals. If one is not determined and focused on their ambitions, then one should be prepared to struggle more. “Giving our 100% is what makes us a winner even when we have lost our battles. Trying is the best thing one can do to achieve success!” he says. Furthermore,

he discusses that being an entrepreneur has also made him modest and moralistic. This is because he believes in staying rooted to the ground. Having achieved so much success at such a young age, he claims that he once started taking everything for granted. Yet it was soon that he realized that being modest and sticking to his morals will only. help him maintain his success and perhaps grow further. The last of all virtues that he believes is worth mentioning is practicing passion. Prosingh says, “If one is not passionate about  what they do, then the whole purpose goes into vain.” An entrepreneur needs to remain passionate and ignite that interest to contribute whole-heartedly. Passion is like fuel, it keeps one going and growing! Lastly, he suggests that all entrepreneurs should believe in themselves and never let the world belittle them!