Dr. Joseph Yi’s Quest To Change The Stigma Around Mental Health

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Dr. Joseph YiPhoto Credit: Dr. Joseph Yi

Dr. Joseph Yi, a first-generation immigrant, has gone through much hardship in his life. Dealing with people in the clinic he runs, he shows a certain flair and determination rare in doctors who routinely deal with depressing situations. Dr. Yi’s outpatient clinic, Modern Behavioral, sees addiction and recovery differently from many other clinics. The Addiction Center notes that even though almost 21 million Americans suffer from addiction, less than 10% of them get treatment. Part of the reason is that they don’t see the treatment working to help them overcome their dependency. Dr. Yi, however, believes his approach can help most people by targeting the root cause of the addiction.

A Qualified Doctor in a Unique Setting

Many non-specialists may look at Modern Behavioral and wonder whether an actual doctor is running the place. Dr. Yi is a holistic psychiatrist and a board-certified addiction MD who got his qualifications from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He continued to Cooper University Hospital for his internship and left the organization as Chief Resident before turning his attention to other things. Dr. Yi noted how challenging it was for addiction patients to overcome their dependence; even after the medication helped them to escape a physical reliance on the drug, they would be mentally hooked on the substance. Modern Behavioral was designed to offer patients a chance to experience a new type of care and to show medical professionals that medicine should be holistic.

Part Doctor, Part Counselor

Modern Behavioral has been called “The Starbucks of Mental Health” by many of Dr. Yi’s colleagues because of its approach to healing addiction’s ravages. The interiors of the offices are warm, inviting, and stylish. The atmosphere is designed to allow patients to relax and give them a safe place to speak candidly. Whether it’s a warm cup of tea or a snack, Dr. Yi has many ways to help patients let their burdens slip off their shoulders. Deep discussion with the doctor helps the patient understand that salvation lies within oneself and not in a prescription chemical. Modern Behavioral’s philosophy is that a prescription can be part of the solution but not the solution itself. While the doctor understands how vital medication is to treat symptoms, Dr. Yi’s approach goes deeper than just putting a bandage on a gaping wound.

Solving the Root Causes

The American Psychiatric Society (APA) notes that addiction is a mental condition derived from dependence on a substance. Despite this, many physicians treat addiction as a physical illness. Dr. Yi saw this approach and disagreed with it. Since addiction is the opposite of connection, Dr. Yi focuses on connecting his clients to their purpose. In most cases, Dr. Yi has uncovered problems that have led individuals to latch onto substances as a way to alleviate pain. By helping them work through these challenges, the doctor has helped many overcome their dependence completely.

Having the Right Mindset Counts

Mindset, according to Dr. Yi, is everything in overcoming this particular hurdle. A patient mustn’t only have a vision for where they want to go, but a reason for getting there. If a patient is passionate enough about getting clean, they will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen. This mentality is carried throughout his business and life as well. Passion follows reason, and the success of his practice makes that obvious.

“Together we have the power to redesign the future of mental wellness” – Joseph Yi MD