Gabriel Maia Is An Environmental Portrait Photographer Whose Unique Style Defines His Art

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Gabriel MaiaPhoto Credit: Gabriel Maia

When you look at Gabriel Maia’s photography, you immediately notice the unique style that defines his art. It is a combination of exotic landscapes and environments coupled with someone’s portrait, usually his daughter.

Gabriel has been all around the world to capture the most captivating moments and scenes. He’s been to Indonesia, Israel, Iceland, America, Myanmar, Jordan, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and many other countries. With his camera in hand and his daughter by his side, he sets out to create stunning photography art, in both black-and-white and vivid color.

Most of us never get to travel to these locations, which makes someone capturing it with their lens become an opportunity for us to live vicariously through this kind of photography art. To be an excellent photographer, you need to be able to convey emotion and feeling. You want to immerse the person viewing the art into it as if they were really there. The best of the best can masterfully do this, and it is clear that Gabriel can do exactly that.

Hailing from Brazil, Gabriel is not a seasoned globetrotter, for the sake of being a master of his craft. He now finds himself among some of the greatest photographers in the world, which explains his large and continually growing social media following.

Getting into photography as an art form was something that Gabriel got into early on in life. When he turned 17, he got himself an Olympus OM-2 camera. This was a classic-style 35mm camera that first came out in the 1970s. It was an excellent starter camera for Gabriel, and he quickly became obsessed with taking photos with it wherever he found inspiration.

To get started, Gabriel started capturing gameplay at soccer matches in his home country of Brazil. He also would get out into nature and capture the magnificence of national parks. To this day, his favorite shooting location is Crater Lake National Park, located in Oregon in the United States. If you have ever seen photos of this place, then you can see how it could captivate a professional photographer like him.

Once digital cameras came into vogue in the photography world, Gabriel would end up getting both Canon and Fuji cameras. He would also refine his technique to match the novel technology’s abilities and potential. It was during the digital era that his children, Bruno and Rosiane, began expressing their interest in photography as an art form as well.

Rosiane in particular became keenly interested in photography due to her becoming a model. That explains why she has become a central subject in Gabriel’s environmental portrait photography. This father-daughter duo has teamed up to create captivating art that now hundreds of thousands of people look forward to seeing.

To see some of the environmental portrait photography from this father-daughter team, you can take a look at their Vogue Italia portfolio. You can also follow Gabriel Maia on Instagram @rosyimages.