Valérie Messika On Opening New Global Boutiques, How The Beyoncé Connection Started & The New Lucky Move Collection

With her second live interview for Haute LivingValérie Messika went deeper into the brand she founded, Messika Paris Jewelry, speaking on her latest launch—the iconic Lucky Move collection with colored stones—how she’s still moving ahead with new boutique openings—over 10 scheduled for this year—actively partnering in the second-hand market, how that Beyoncé Knowles Carter partnership happened organically, and of course, how she plans to navigate the “new normal” with her brand. Read below for some highlights from my chat with the female jewelry powerhouse and watch the chat in its entirety via the below video.

Valerie MessikaPhoto Credit: Michel Figuet


We’re very excited because we had a hard time, [but] we confirmed the [new] store in New York. We have more than 10 boutiques, which are going to be open for this year. So, we’ll have a very busy schedule. We’ll open one in Geneva, one in Barcelona, three in Asia—one in Macau, one in Beijing and one in Hong Kong—another one in Paris just near to the Champs Elysées, and two more in the Middle East. So, as you can notice, we won’t be so much relaxed for this year.


It gives me even more strength to [participate in the second-hand market] faster after the crisis because…of sustainability. For me, [during this time] it was a shock to see how the sky as blue and how the pollution decreased. I’m the mom of two little girls and I want to continue to live in nice conditions…the climate all over the world is…not normal. We definitely need to raise our consciousness [about] this. So for me, it’s also an awareness of that. [Also,] it’s gold and diamonds, so you can replenish your jewelry and it comes back almost like new. So in our business, it’s even more interesting that a customer can come and give their jewelry and have a new one in exchange and probably with the second hand market, people can afford jewelry with a lower price that they [normally] cannot afford.

valerie messikaPhoto Credit: Michel Figuet


The Lucky Move pendants [are part of] my iconic collection, which [can] move…the diamonds inside are moving so you can play with it. You can [also] turn it around and engrave a message inside. Our big launch was this Lucky Move collection, but with colored stones. I replaced the gold plate that you can see here [with colored stones like] Mother of Pearl, Lapis Lazuli [and more]. It was amazing to launch this color collection when I went back to work after a black-and-white period to see such color and playful[ness] and [something] really sexy for the eyes. Also…this is one of the very first time that I have had a waiting list for my jewelry, so I’m very very excited.

messika lucky move colourPhoto Credit: Isabelle Bonjean messika lucky move colourPhoto Credit: Isabelle Bonjean messika lucky move colourPhoto Credit: Isabelle Bonjean

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