Gavin Rossdale Teaches Us To Cook At Home + Dishes Up The Details Of His Upcoming Album

Gavin RossdalePhoto Credit: Dove Shore

Gavin Rossdale is the frontman of Bush, an iconic English band that first came to fame in 1994 with the release of its six-time platinum debut album, Sixteen Stone. Over the past 25 years, the band has sold close to 20 million records in the U.S. and Canada alone as well as compiling an amazing string of 23 consecutive Top 40 hit singles on the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts, six of which shot to No. 1. Rossdale and his band are still going strong, and are slated to release their eighth studio album, The Kingdom, on July 17th. In advance of his album’s release, we joined him (virtually) in his California kitchen for an inside look at one of his other passions: cooking.


On His Dish: “I like capers in brine. It’s a flavor boost, little, golden nugget, little cheeky parcel diamonds of flavor. Briny and vinegary—I’m trying to get to all the flavors and senses. You’ve got everything really.” 

On Whether He Had Time To Perfect His Cooking Skills + Make An Album At The Same Time: “Well, you know, I cook like this most days, when I’m home. It’s just fun, and I like my boys having that experience. And if my boys aren’t here, their friends are around. Food makes the world go round. It’s so disarming to feed people. I’m a total feeder. I grew up with this Malaysian step-mum when I was sixteen… and instead of saying, ‘Hello how are you?’ [she would greet me by saying], ‘Hello, have you eaten?’ I think that’s so beautiful and so I caught that bug.

On His Upcoming Album:The Kingdom is really about like-minded people, free of spirit, free of mind, freedom of expression, no racism or homophobia. Everyone is free and can be themselves and I think that’s a really noble… to live and love and accept each other. Life is about living and enjoying and learning from other people, other cultures.”

On His Greatest Luxury In Life: “Honestly, I know it’s a cliche, but it’s health. And yesterday, my little boy Zuma, he had an accident and he broke his left arm on his bike. He got a gash in his leg, he got five stitches and I had to take him in. He really beat himself up. Which is bad enough except that two weeks ago when he first got here, he fell off a chair and broke his right arm. That’s just healed, and now he’s gone and broke his left arm. Because my kids are all the matter to me—Daisy, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo—their health and health indeed of anyone that I love, health is actually the most important. Because if you aren’t healthy, you aren’t happy, and if you aren’t happy, you have nothing. 


Peeled, cut, blanched until fork tender for six minutes, ice bath

Mayonnaise-1 cup
Garlic clove-1 piece. Add Maldon salt & slide across board into a paste
Teaspoon lemon juice
Lemon zest
Mix well

Serve with chilled and dried asparagus.

Cucumber salad 

3 Persian cucumbers, deseeded and fine cut
Add half a cup rice wine vinegar
Refrigerate 1 hour minimum

Serve with black sesame seeds and lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon to finish

Chicken Chasseur 

Whole chicken, organic
4 shallots
Head of garlic, chopped
4 carrots, cooked and cut on bias bite size pieces to al dente, then ice bath

Tomato paste – 1/4 cup
White roux – 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup all purpose flour
Demi glacé 1 cup

Mushrooms, preferably brown, 1 cup sliced
Cherry tomatoes, 1 cup
Peppers, bite size cut 1 cup
Capers-1/2 cup
Olives-12 total,-eregnola any color
Edible flowers


Break chicken down into portions
Add salt and pepper
Add to hot oil
Sear on all sides until browned
Remove chicken once browned (2 batches to keep heat in pan)
Pour off oil
Lower heat –
Add shallots, peppers
5 mins translucent –
Add tomatoes
Tomato paste 2 tbsp
Roux 1/4 cup
Remi glacé 2 tbsp or chicken bouillon good quality -2 tbsp
Dry white wine -2 cups
Reduce on high heat by 2/3
Add stock, 2 to 3 cups
Heat on stove until hot
Add chicken pieces back
Add fresh herbs mixture 1 cup
Bay leaf
Tarragon is the traditional herb
Add carrots
Place, covered, in oven 325 degrees for one hour.
Take out of oven, check seasoning and adjust accordingly
Add caperberries, replace lid
Sit for 15 mins minimum
Remove skin before plating

Plate in large dish, spooning sauce over chicken
Add fresh edible flowers to taste and caperberries
Serve with short grain sushi rice if possible


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