How To Get Beach-Body Ready For Summer—Tips & Tricks From Model Joy Corrigan

Joy CorriganPhoto Credit:Kimberly Gordon

Joy Corrigan has an enviable figure, and she works hard for it. The model and actress, who’s appearing alongside Bruce Willis in a still-untitled film and whom fans might recognize from another Willis flick, Reprisal, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Aftermath, is sharing her fitness secrets—how she’s managed to look that good even during the quarantine. Here, Corrigan, who is also the co-founder of the Naked Species clothing brand, shares how you, too, can get beach body ready—quarantine be damned!

Joy CorriganPhoto Credit:Justin Macala

How you have been spending the quarantine? Where have you been spending it?

I’ve been spending my time in quarantine here in Newport Beach, California. I feel so blessed to be by the beach! I spend most of my days reading, painting and creating new designs for my streetwear brand, Naked Species. I stay connected by video chatting with my family and friends, and even joined a virtual book-club with some of my friends around the world. We’re currently going through the book “Atomic Habits” and I am loving it!

Have you learned any new skills while on lockdown?

My busy lifestyle has me constantly on the go, which makes it hard to prioritize my health and wellbeing as much as I’d like. This extra time has allowed me to refocus on my health. For example, I have been challenging myself by running faster and longer distances, as well as trying new workouts on the Alo Moves app. I also love to cook and eat healthy. With this extra time, I have been able to experiment with healthy recipes from different books such as “Crazy Busy Keto”.

Have you had time for any self-reflection? What did you learn?

Absolutely! Self-reflection has allowed me the opportunity to practice self-love and focus on what I value the most, such as family, friends, and my health. I also have been practicing daily mindfulness and meditation more than ever. The Headspace app has been a great tool for me, reminding me to focus on being grateful and in the moment.

Now, no one was looking their best during the lockdown. What are five beauty hacks you can share for looking your best under any circumstances?

  1. Drink plenty of water! It’s a great way to rid my body of toxins and curb my appetite. Drinking a huge glass of water first thing in the morning is one of my favorite habits.
  2. Soak your hair in virgin coconut oil. With all this downtime, I can focus on repairing my hair and have applying coconut oil overnight makes my hair super healthy.
  3. Take collagen and ketones every day. Collagen has been great for my nails, skin and hair. Ketones give me an amazing natural energy boost throughout the day.
  4. Use a silk pillowcase for sleep. The gentle fabric has made such a difference on my overall skin by reducing wrinkles, pimples and helping me sleep better overall.
  5. Let your skin rest. Going without any makeup more often has done wonders for my skin.

Joy CorriganPhoto Credit: Caleb and Gladys

What is the first thing you’ll do when it’s safe?

Travel to Argentina to see my family! I miss them so much and although I’m so thankful we have the technology to video chat, it’s just not the same and seeing them in person.

You’ve gotten the opportunity to work with Bruce Willis once before, and you are about to film on set with him again. What was the experience like? Did he give you any advice?

Despite the fact that I didn’t have time to speak with him, I took note of his admirably strong work ethic, and his ability to nail every scene with beautiful and effortless confidence. He is a true inspiration and I can’t wait to work with him again on an upcoming film.

You’ve modeled, acted, run your own business. What’s next?

I plan to continue to design and create new edgy, not so basic, basics for Naked Species. I also want to grow as an actress, to push my limits with challenging roles, and to work with talented, like-minded, artists along the way.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I have six brothers and three sisters, and I’m a black belt in karate!

 What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Time. It’s a limited resource and one thing money can’t buy. Spend it with the people you love and make sure you live life with no regrets!


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