James Harden Isn’t Losing Hope On The Current NBA Season + How He’s Been Spending His Lockdown

James HardenPhoto Credit: BODYARMOR

How has NBA All-Star James Harden been spending his quarantine? Making himself better, that’s how.

The Houston Rockets shooting guard has been holed up at home in H-Town, practicing at his home gym and hoping for the best. The 30-year-old athlete has also been working on a lil’ something-something with USWNT standout Megan Rapinoe, MLB All-Star and MVP Mike Trout, women’s tennis sensation Naomi Osaka, WNBA All-Star and USA Basketball guard Skylar Diggins-Smith, PGA Tour standout Dustin Johnson, and MLS MVP Carlos Vela, a campaign for BODYARMOR that’s rooted in the belief that no matter who you are, only you can make you better – and that includes the work you put in, your mental toughness and what you put in your body.​ The brand is rewarding young athletes for committing to their goals and supporting them along their journey with a summer-long social promotion: it will be surprising some young fans throughout June who post on social media how they are committed to making themselves better with #OnlyYouCan.

Here, Harden, an MVP in the truest sense of the word, shares what #OnlyHeCan, how he’s been spending his quarantine, how his workouts have pivoted as a result of the lockdown, why he isn’t giving up hope on the upcoming season and what he considers to be the greatest luxury in life. 

James HardenPhoto Credit: BODYARMOR

How are you doing during the quarantine? Safe, healthy? Where are you?

I’m doing well. Back in H-Town. Just trying to stay busy – I’m working out on a daily basis here and just trying to stay ready for whatever comes next.

The tagline of BODYARMOR’s new ad campaign—which you feature in—is “Only you can make you better.” How does that apply to you in general, and you specifically right now?

Our new BODYARMOR campaign is rooted in the belief that no matter who you are, only you can make you better – and that includes the work you put in, your mental toughness and what you put in your body. And I truly believe that. You are your greatest motivator, and especially during a time like we’re in right now, it’s up to each of us individually to put the work in daily and make sure that whenever this ends, we’ll be ready to go.

Have you learned any new skills while at home? What if so?

I may have learned a new move or two – but you’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you done any self-reflection? What did you find?

Just appreciate being able to spend time with my family and close friends while all of this is going on. I wouldn’t normally be able to spend the same amount of time with them as I do now.

How has your training adapted while at home?

Luckily I’ve got some great people around me, who have helped me adapt my training regimen while at-home during this crisis. I’ve got a gym on premises, which is extremely helpful – so I’m able to do many of the same workouts I’d do normally.

Do you have any healthiness hacks that you can share?

I’m a big believer in preparation and hydration. Whether you’re about to do a heavy workout or just shoot-around, I believe it’s important to prep your body ahead of time – and a big piece of that is staying hydrated throughout the day. It generally makes you feel better – and my go-to is definitely BODYARMOR. Whether it’s their sports drink or SportWater, I usually always have one nearby.

What are a few go-to items in your home that you didn’t realize you’d rely on so heavily at this time?

My gym! I travel so often between our schedule and other commitments, that it’s been crazy for me to spend so much time at home – and using my gym especially.

LeBron James says he isn’t giving up hope on the current NBA season. What are your thoughts? What are your hopes? What do you think is realistic versus your hopes? Do you have any predictions for the current season?

I just want it to be a safe environment for everyone, if and when we do return. I certainly don’t want to give up on the season, so I do hope it returns once things have calmed down – and there are certain measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be?

A vaccine for coronavirus.

 What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Time. Spend it with those that you love and empower you to be better every day.


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