How The World’s Best-Selling Soprano, Sarah Brightman, Plans To Sparkle This Holiday Season

Sarah Brightman Photo Credit: Swarovski

Sarah Brightman has never met a sparkling tiara that she didn’t like. This, in part, is why the world’s best-selling soprano—the woman responsible for pioneering the classical crossover music movement and the only artist to have simultaneously topped the Billboard dance and classical music charts, with global sales of 30 million units having received more than 180 gold and platinum awards in over 40 countries—decided to partner with Swarovski on her HYMN 2019-2020 world tour.

The 59-year-old songbird returned to the recording studio in 2016, to begin working on her brand new album (“Hymn”) with long time producer and collaborator Frank Peterson, which was released on November 9, 2018. The supporting tour began in South America in November 2018 and includes more than 125 shows, on five continents throughout summer of 2020.

To enhance her “Hymn” world of enchantment, Brightman partnered with Swarovski on her elaborate costumes and dazzling tiaras, which are composed of Swarovski crystals. She also partnered with the brand on a beautiful signature bespoke jewelry and accessory collection.

Here, we speak to this musical icon about her world tour, her partnership with Swarovski an why every girl needs a little sparkle in her life, especially around the holidays. Sarah BrightmanPhoto Credit: Swarovski

You’re more than half-way through your HYMN world tour, how has this tour differed from your past tours. Any favorite moments?

The tour has been amazing so far. We have traveled through so many wonderful countries including South America, Mexico, North America, Japan and it has been lovely to perform again in so many beautify cities across Europe. I hope everyone enjoys my ‘evening of wonderment’ as it has been incredible performing with my band and all the talented orchestras and choirs throughout my travels.

You partnered with Swarovski crystals on an exclusive line of merchandise. Why Swarovski? Can you tell us more about that process? What inspired the collection?

I have been a long-time admirer of Swarovski crystals, and it was a natural fit for my upcoming world tour. This is the first time Swarovski is integrating with an artist on so many different levels, so I’m honored to be collaborating with them. The collection, I wanted it to be very simple yet complex all at the same time. I wanted the pieces to be something where fans who enjoy my work, they could see a piece of crystal that was on one of my costumes, or a piece of jewelry that I was wearing, and they themselves could then have as well. I find that people are fascinated by what I wear and the jewelry and pieces in the shows. This way, they could take a little bit of that home if they were coming to the concerts, or they could get it online, and they would have a piece of that for themselves. In some ways, they are keepsakes of my shows. When I wear jewelry, especially with the Swarovski pieces that I have had, they’re a memento of that time. HYMN is about hope and light, and has a beautiful simplicity to it, but complexity all at the same time. I’m hoping that people will find this in the collection and be very happy to have a piece of their own.

Sarah BrightmanPhoto Credit: Swarovski

Have you always been a sparkle kind of girl when it comes to jewelry?

I’ve always enjoyed wearing crowns, tiaras, things on my head. In a way, when you are on stage I always feel that the tiara or the head piece that you are wearing is sort of an extension of your spirit. It’s a communication really, a tiara is a communication and a beautiful, elegant communication of what’s happening in your spirit.

Fill in the blank: A girl should wear a sparkling tiara_________

Whenever they would like!

What is your favorite song from your new HYMN album?

Its so difficult to just select one.. but I’m particularly fond of ‘Fly to Paradise’ and ‘Follow Me.’

Sarah BrightmanPhoto Credit: Swarovski

Tell us about your space training, and where “Hymn” fit in to that training.

In early 2016, Frank Peterson began talking to me about making a new album. He kept calling me and saying, ‘Look, it’s time,’ but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When I came out of the Russian Space program, I went to Florida to lie on the beach, work with an opera coach, and get myself back into a normal pattern again. During this time, Frank and I came to the conclusion that we should do something that sounded very beautiful and uplifting.That was the start of the album. We started looking at songs that we both felt good about — and suddenly we were working on an album together.

Is there a piece of music that’s most personal to you in your repertoire? What and why?

I like performing my hits because they have been joyous to me and of course all the fans enjoy them the most, that’s why they’re the hits! I like to perform “Phantom of the Opera,” “Time to Say Goodbye” and “Nella Fantasia” to name a few. There’s a beautiful song on my album called “Fly to Paradise” on the new album HYMN, which I’ve been performing recently and it’s lovely. I have such a huge repertoire it’s all enjoyable to do.

What is the greatest luxury in your life?

Being able to spend time with my friends, family and my dogs.

Sarah Brightman