Artist Super Buddha To Expose “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA” at One Thousand Museum During Miami Art Week

Internationally acclaimed artist Super Buddha moved to China from his native Venezuela to study fine art and design. From then on, his works have been sold all over the world to a clientele that includes stars like DJ Tiesto and Swae Lee.

Super Buddha 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Super Buddha fine art

On December 6th, he will be exposing “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA” at One Thousand Museum, the high-rise residential building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in downtown Miami. It will take place during the height of Miami Art Week.

Super Buddha is a supporter of “Snap2Live”. The foundation, started by Ernesto and Ashley Arguello, is a campaign created to raise awareness around the importance of road safety. The started it upon learning that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among your around the role.

Super Buddha 2Photo Credit: Agustin Reyes, IG: @Automotive_Design

Super Buddha sat down with Haute Living to tell us about his latest creation and special exposition at One Thousand Museum.

What was your inspiration for the design of “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA”?

I always want to innovate and create new trends and new worlds within fine art. Therefore, I wanted to wrap one my collectors Lamborghinis with something that the world hadn’t seen yet. So I called the best in the business, METROWRAPZ, and I sat with my creative genius friend Bruno (owner of METROWRAPZ) to discuss my ideas and inspirations for this project. Good thing about working with Bruno is that he always finds a way to go above and beyond on the idea. After much thought, I decided to create a SPACESHIP LAMBO. I’ve seen a galaxy themed Lamborghini but not one that actually looks like it was made by NASA. I wanted to incorporate the feeling of time travel and space while also adding my signature MONEY KOIS floating in outer space to give it that galaxy feel. We even added 3D asteroids to the car to give it a whole new level of perception and dimension. I honestly can’t wait to see it in person!

How many hours did “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA” take to finish?

It took about two weeks from the design process to the labor.

What drew you to expose this piece at One Thousand Museum?

What drew me to display “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA” at 1000 Museum is due to a couple reasons. First, my Art Basel exhibition will be held there on December 6th, with David Banegas. And second, the building already looks like it’s from another planet in the distant future. Zaha Hadid and the developers such as Birdman definitely created something very special there. It’s also an honor to be part of that building as one of the first fine artists to ever showcase art there.

If you could pick only one, what emotion would you want every guest to have when seeing “THE BUDDHASTAR GALÁCTICA”?


Super Buddha 3Photo Credit: Courtesy of Super Buddha fine art

If you can share, what project can the world look forward to in the future from you?

In the near future during Basel, I am part of various exhibitions and events. I will have a booth at Aqua Room 223, exhibition in Faena Dec 4th. And in late December, I will be traveling to Rome to receive a greeting from his holiness Pope Francis for having worked with his foundation Painting Bridges by Scholas.

For more on Super Buddha, visit http://www.superbuddhashop.comInstagram: @super_buddha_