Fitness Model + DJ Lupe Fuentes Shares How To Get Her Fabulous Figure + Her Cool New Music Collaborations

Lupe FuentesPhoto Credit: Evan Seinfeld

From a small town in Colombia to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Lupe Fuentes has built a solid career as one of tech-house’s brightest new stars. Over the past few years, Fuentes has been gaining recognition within the industry with other fellow notables producers and DJs such as Maya Jane Coles, Golf Clap, Justin Martin, Chris Lake and more. Her most recent tracks include “No Rules” featuring Dances with White Girls, “Out of Control”, and “Move It.” Her own imprint, ‘In The Loop,’ is her go-to brand for most of her own music, but Lupe also champions new talent as a way to keep herself inspired and pay it forward. In addition to her music, Fuentes is a fitness model; her fabulous figure is testament to how hard she works at it. Here, the tech producer and fitness guru shares how music and fitness are inextricably linked, how she stays in shape and what’s in store for her music career in the future.

Lupe FuentesPhoto Credit: Evan Seinfeld

Do you feel that exercise and music are inextricably linked? Why or why not? How, if so?

Absolutely, in one way or another music is very much a body experience. I think that when you truly connect with a song, your body just starts moving by itself. Music moves our bodies and nurtures our minds. Music can inspire and push you train harder and find your soundtrack to make your workout a truly uplifting experience.

Tell me how you stay fit and in shape while balancing your busy schedule performing and creating music.

Staying in shape is all about constituency. For me it’s all about scheduling and sticking to the plan. I am usually super busy, working on different projects all the time, and I love that my life is that way. I truly like to be busy, creating and doing what I love, It gives me purpose in life. But I know that I need to get my workout in the morning before emails and calls, if I want to feel energized during the day and with a peaceful mind. Working out really helps me with my anxiety, that’s why I love it so much.

What is your go-to workout for getting into shape quickly?

My routine is high intensity weight training. Everyday of the week is a different group of body parts. I also go hiking maybe two times per week. I don’t believe that there is one specific exercise that will help you get in shake quick, over the years working out I have learn that there is not short cut, only hard work will get you the body you want. It’s a life style, my physical and mental health are a priority for me. Diet is equally important to being in shape. I am a foodie, whether cooking at home or eating in restaurants, I try to make healthy lifestyle choices while enjoying all the flavors of life!

Lupe FuentesPhoto Credit: Ohrangutang

Why did you decide to pursue being a DJ and producer as a career? Did it just fall into place?

I grew up in Spain, there is a really big electronic music scene in Madrid, that’s where I grew up and that’s where I got into it. It happened very organically, just hanging out with friends and having fun experimenting with different styles and sounds. Until you have been to Ibiza, its hard to really appreciate just how deep the DJ scene really is. America is slowly catching up, but we definitely still have a little ways to go.

Do you try to make music that reflects your heritage? Please explain if so.

Yes! when you listen to my music, you can hear the latin undertones. Salsa, flamenco, is what i grew up listening to when I was little and I will forever have the elating percussions running through my veins. I definitely channel my latin roots in my music, but in a kind of subtle “vibe” way!

What gets you in the mood to start creating and producing?

Music itself inspires me. I am inspired by all sorts of music, I often listen to obscure soul, and funk records to take little samples for my productions.I love everything from hip-hop to the Rolling Stones, but my creative outlet has mainly been house and techno!

Lupe FuentesPhoto Credit: Ohrangutang

What project(s) are you currently working on / Are you working on anything now that hasn’t been released?

Yes, I am working on music all the time. Right now I am having fun experimenting with a different sound, even more latin, but I don’t want to say too much about what is to come. You will have to listen for yourself. :) You can find me on Spotify here.

Any future collaborations in the works?

Right now I have two collaborations in the works. One is with my good friend DJ Roger Sanchezand the other one is with Treasure Fingers. These two music collaborations are my “go to” Tech House sound, so expect a lot of jacking drums and a beefy bassline.

What is your dream collaboration, and who has been the best collaborator to date?

My dream collaborations would be with Cardi B and Rosalía. They both are so powerful, talented and a inspiration to me, and my best collaboration to this date would have to be the song I made with Todd Terry, “Jack the House” … he is such a House legend!

Can you share an essential beauty hack that you live by?

SPF! I use SPF even when I am in my house, It does wonders for your skin.