Smooth Move! Henry Golding Discusses His New Role As A Hennessy Brand Ambassador

Henry GoldingPhoto Credit: Lauren Cowart

In what we can only describe as a “smooth” move, Hennessy announced “Crazy Rich Asians” star Henry Golding as its official Prestige & Rare Cognac Collection ambassador at an event held at STUDIO 525 in New York City. The Prestige & Rare Cognac Collection includes Hennessy X.O and the collection’s crown jewel, Paradis Imperial. The new collaboration will spotlight Hennessy’s Prestige portfolio through the lens of discerning taste and travel, influenced by Golding’s distinctively modern way of looking at the world.

We caught up with the supremely elegant actor to discuss his glamorous new partnership, the concept of luxury, and how his life has changed since “Asians” became a global phenomenon (earning over $200 million at the worldwide box office). Henry Golding Photo Credit: Lauren Cowart

Hennessy just announced you as their Prestige & Rare Cognac collection ambassador, tell us about the ambassadorship and why you decided to partner with Hennessy.

For me, I really love the heritage of Hennessy. Hennessy is one of the richest brands out there, [especially] when it comes to how they’ve become what they are. Since the 18th century, they’ve been developing this cognac, and they’ve gotten to a stage where it’s almost effortless. At the same time, I’ve had a peak into how much effort goes into it. They just make it SEEM effortless. For me, it really is my history, of where I’ve come from and where I’m going and what my goals are in terms of what I want to attain; it really sort of aligns in that sense. I love the luxury side of things, but at the same time, I love the exploration when it comes to the lesser known parts of the world.

Henry GoldingPhoto Credit: Lauren Cowart

How specifically has your life changed since “Crazy Rich Asians” premiered? What is the most noticeable/notable change pre-to-post “Crazy Rich Asians”?

I’ve definitely gotten busier, without a doubt. My manager always says if we could clone me, it would make my life and her life much easier. I’ve had this beautiful entrance into the public eye through this magnificent film, which had such an impact on the Asian cultures; South East Asians, people of minority who have lesser sort of voices. To be able to come out on such a wave, it really also kind of fuels ‘Where do we go from here? How do we elevate ourselves?’ This partnership with Hennessy is one of those momentums; it’s going to where we want to put ourselves.

Henry Golding

Would you say that you’re a man of luxury tastes? How so? What are some of the luxury things you can’t live without?

We’re very [lucky] to be able to experience the richer things in life, the more flamboyant and enjoyable. Everything from eating at beautiful restaurants to being able to travel whenever we… please to going to amazing places. I just got back from the Amalfi Coast, and for me, that’s a luxury. To enjoy rare cognac like Paradis Imperial with a cigar is one of my favorite things to do; that feels like a luxury. You need to be able to keep those special moments. Timepieces, my love for horology and the art behind it. There are a number of luxury things for me.