How To Spend The Perfect 24 Hours In Los Angeles In Haute Style With Rolls-Royce And The Peninsula

Rolls-RoycePhoto Credit: Rolls-Royce

If you’re looking to visit Los Angeles and seeking the most luxurious, money-can’t-buy trip, we’ve found the ultimate haute experience for you. When you combine two of the world’s leading brands in luxury, it’s guaranteed that the result will be exceptional—which is exactly what Rolls-Royce and The Peninsula Beverly Hills are ensuring with their new Rolls-Royce Cullinan x Peninsula Beverly Hills experience. Here, we’ve outlined all the details that will result in the Haute Living-approved, ultimate 24-48 hours in Los Angeles.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the prestigious brand’s newest masterpiece—its first-ever, super-luxury, all-terrain SUV. Aptly named “Cullinan”—which was the largest diamond ever mined in the world, consisting of more than 3,000K—the vehicle is precious yet rugged, fit for any luxurious adventure. With 563 hp, a V12 engine at 5,864 pounds, the superpowered SUV blazes through some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world with its all-wheel drive, handling with extreme ease as it conquers the roadways.

Rolls-RoycePhoto Credit: Rolls-Royce

As with all Rolls-Royce vehicles, the Cullinan offers such a smooth journey that evokes the feeling of floating—truly transmitting the model’s ethos of being “effortless, everywhere.” The big, bold and modernized SUV boasts signature Rolls-Royce elements, including its iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” serving as the anchor of the front of the vehicle, as well as plush leather seating, a viewing suite in the back of the truck, touch-screen theater controlling, a simple yet technologically sophisticated front console, massage seating and so much more. And of course, no Cullinan is the same as each model comes fully bespoke to the customer’s liking, with options of exterior paint colors, interior leather, paneling and other customization features to create a one-of-a-kind, luxury vehicle.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills takes five-star hospitality to another level, offering its sophisticated clientele a boutique hotel experience in a familial setting where each guest will be attended to with the utmost care and no need will be left for desire. The stunning property resembles a large home, with only five floors and intimate settings for the premier enjoyment of the customer. Highlights include two gourmet restaurants—the lobby-anchored Belvedere restaurant featuring sophisticated continental cuisine, and the picturesque Roof Garden restaurant offering breathtaking views of Los Angeles, as well as a colorful poolside setting decorated with blue cabanas and the brand’s signature yellow and white striped plush towels. Additionally, the hotel offers a five-star luxury spa with an endless menu of coveted pampering treatments, a Rolls-Royce house car for transfer throughout the Beverly Hills area, a fully equipped gym and an unbeatable destination in the heart of Beverly Hills, just steps away from Rodeo Drive. Each room is personalized with care to the customer, with delicate floral prints creating a beautiful and feminine interior design, plush bedding and Oscar de la Renta bath products. An iPad is housed in each room, where guests can request any service or product to their liking with the simple press of a button.

Rolls-RoycePhoto Credit: Rolls-Royce

Although the hotel offers plenty of reason to stay, with poolside cabanas, five-star meals and enviable massage treatments awaiting—The Peninsula Beverly Hills encourages its guests to get the most of their trip, which is why it has partnered with Rolls-Royce, having had a decades-old friendship with, to create the ultimate luxury itinerary for its guests to enjoy. The best part? You only need 24 hours.

Start out the day by waking up early enough to beat the inevitable Los Angeles morning traffic at 6 a.m. The Peninsula team will have a boxed breakfast waiting for you, along with fresh coffees to invigorate you for the ride ahead. After grabbing your fuel to go, a stunning Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be waiting in the driveway for departure. Exit the property and drive three hours up the coast on Highway 101, enjoying the smooth ride and the fool-proof navigation system, which directs the driver via its heads-up display throughout the trip.

Rolls-Royce Daniel MarshallPhoto Credit: Rolls-Royce

Take in the breathtaking views of the valley, mountains and of course, deep blue waters as you weave your way up the coast, stopping in San Luis Obispo’s Pismo Beach for an off-roading, sand-dune adventure. As the only beach that allows guests to drive right onto the sand, it serves as the perfect backdrop and landscape to experience the Cullinan work its off-road magic—powering through the sand with unparalleled ease and handling. Splash your way through the shallow surf and stop to take in the views. Pull down the trunk-side leather viewing seats that pop open in the back of the truck with a center console for refreshments and enjoy the beautiful setting of Pismo Beach. Rolls-Royce even offers a special collection of the world’s most renowned cigars and humidors—Daniel Marshall—to elevate the setting even further.

After, drive up about eight more miles until you reach the rich, green vineyards, coming to a stop at the renowned Tolosa Winery. Get a personalized tour of the massive vineyard plantation from the comfort of the Cullinan, as you make your way up and down the vineyard on all different types of terrain—from pavement to grass, mud, rocks and more—and cruise through smoothly while taking in the gorgeous setting. As you finish the tour, return to the winery for a personalized wine tasting and lunch, curated to complement each of the esteemed varieties of pinot noir and chardonnay from Edna Valley, expertly crafted with the utmost care by Frederic Delivert.

Rolls-RoycePhoto Credit: Rolls-Royce

Without a worry in the world, Peninsula guests can enjoy the afternoon without dreading the long drive back because the hotel has ensured that the wine tasting can be enjoyed without having to get back behind the wheel. Following the tasting, a driver will escort you to Surf Air located at ACI Jets private airport across the street where a chartered jet will be waiting to escort you back to Los Angeles with a quick 45-minute flight. End your day back at The Peninsula where luxury and comfort awaits.

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. Even better, you don’t have to plan a thing. Every aspect of the unrivaled itinerary is met by the expert team, and guests will get to experience a seamless, one-of-a-kind luxury adventure combining two of the greatest brands in the world, all starting in May 2019. For more information about the exclusive package regarding prices, scheduling and more, please contact The Peninsula Beverly Hills for more information.
Safe travels and enjoy the ride!