RockSalt Pilates Opens First SF Location In Potrero Hill

The new studio

Photo Credit: RockSalt

If you live in the South Bay, you may be familiar with RockSalt Pilates. However, if you’ve never heard of the boutique fitness studio from Adrian Ramirez, get excited to meet your new favorite pilates studio. RockSalt is a pilates class unlike any other, and it recently opened up its doors in Potrero Hill. Its the third studio for the brand which also has locations in San Mateo and Redwood City. RockSalt and Ramirez have a cult-like following and for a good reason: it’s an upbeat 50-minute workout set to music that engages the body and mind.

Adrian Ramirez

Photo Credit: RockSalt

At RockSalt’s new studio, there are 12 sleek modern reformers. Like all the RockSalt studios, Potrero Hill offers three different types of pilates: stretch, strength, and sweat. Stretch is the most basic of classes, (although it’s hardly basic) and it incorporates frequent stretching in between more grueling moves. In the strength workout, the movements are fast-paced and the class focuses more on weight training.

Weights are used throughout class

Photo Credit: RockSaltSweat is the most difficult, it builds on the strength class, but adds rounds of cardio in between the strength-training exercises. None of them are your grandmother’s pilates class, and all move to the music in synchronization. Although the course moves quickly, it’s easy to follow along, and instructors are encouraging and friendly.

Erin Bostock, left

Photo Credit: RockSalt

According to Ramirez, RockSalt is “a full body fitness class that is safe, effective, and fun.” One of the things that makes RockSalt a great studio that you’ll want to visit over and over again is Ramirez himself. He fully supports his staff of expert instructors. Erin Bostock is the head trainer at the Potrero Hill studio. A native of Australia, Bostock is a former dancer who starred as an Amazon warrior in the blockbuster film Wonder Woman. In her class, you’ll find your inner Wonder Woman. Ramirez also goes above and beyond to welcome newcomers into the community and makes sure that they understand how the class flows.

A Lululemon and RockSalt hoodie

Photo Credit: RockSalt

Although RockSalt has been open for less than two months, Ramirez and his team have quickly become a new favorite among fitness insiders. Ramirez’s studio has even caught the eye of the athleisure powerhouse, Lululemon. Late last year, Lululemon collaborated with RockSalt on an exclusive collection of apparel featuring co-branded leggings, tees, and cropped hoodies. All of it is for sale at the new fitness boutique in Potrero Hill.