Healthcare Entrepreneur Vick Tipnes Continues To Change The Narrative One Venture At A Time 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Vick Tipnes

When you think of a healthcare CEO, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it’s a stuffy, old man, who is most likely sitting in a high-rise building wearing a stiff penguin suit. What if we told you that doesn’t have to be the case? In fact, you can be rocking jeans, Jordans, and a sleeve of dope tattoos. Here to change the healthcare narrative is the one-and-only Vick Tipnes, the CEO of Blackstone Medical Services the largest sleep testing service provider, the newly opened Tipnes Health, the mastermind behind RiseCon 2023, and many more impressive ventures.

Tipnes recently sat down with Haute Living to discuss how he has continued to leave a mark on the healthcare industry and motivate his two million and growing Instagram following to push their limits.

Who is Vick Tipnes?

When asking Tipnes who he is there was not a pause in sight. “I’m a relentless person who doesn’t consider himself a genius. If I want something, I am going to do everything to get it.” And he does this by investing in himself daily. Now, investing in yourself can mean many things, but for Tipnes, it is all about who he surrounds himself with. “If you are going to chill with toxic people, you won’t be successful. Attend seminars, and courses, and hang around good valuable people, that is the key to success.”

Tipnes’ Introduction to Healthcare

Unlike the usual 20-year-old, Tipnes graduated high school and knew that college was not in the cards. It was his time to become an entrepreneur. Around that time frame, Tipnes’s mother was battling cancer and unexpectedly, for support, had to move in with his grandparents.

While attending a multitude of appointments with his mother, he soon came to realize how dislocated the healthcare space really was. It was almost as if “the human emotion and service level were removed from healthcare.” We’ve all experienced this lack of service, in one way or another. Fill this out. Check this box. Sign this paper. Think about it, does the person at the desk have any idea what you are going through?

That is when Tipnes decided change was needed in healthcare. What that would be? Tipnes didn’t know, but what he did know was that he manifested “creating a medical company that was going to ship devices all over the world.” And as his inbox pinged him to let him know he got a new email, he soon found out that enclosed was an article for sleep testing. That is when it all clicked and Blackstone Medical Services began.

The Rise of Blackstone Medical Services & Tipnes Health

Currently, Blackstone Medical Services is the leading provider in the home sleep testing industry that is dedicated to providing a safe, effective, simple, high-quality, and cost-effective method for providers and patients to carry out a home sleep test to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). By using up-to-date technology and testing methods, while adding the finishing touch of being the best at service, Blackstone Medical Services has been able to reach 79 million lives and counting.

“I am a big advocate of continuing to do the successful things that got you there, and that will make you successful. The key to healthcare is service.” As Blackstone Medical Services continues to leave a lasting impression on the healthcare industry, Tipnes doesn’t stop there. Introducing Tipnes Health, offering primary care services for maximum life. Over the next few years, 100 clinics will be available to seniors (and others), who are looking for service-based healthcare with the added benefit of community centers.

Introducing RiseCon 2023

To continue bridging the gap between service, value, and healthcare, Tipnes also recently launched RiseCon 2023 in Tampa, Florida. A three-day intensive conference focused on service, care, building a team, scaling the team, and creating the right culture behind it. “Getting in the right room is key. It is that important to be successful. That is why I am hosting RiseCon.”


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Throughout the days, attendees will listen in on 16 of the biggest names in the industry and speak on their experiences. With hours’ worth of conversations underway, Tipnes suggests you, “Stay open-minded and take notes. Everyone is going to come with a problem to solve. There will be a solution there, but you will find that a lot of the information shared is a solution to a problem you don’t already have.” Focus on the conceptual ideas.

In addition to the conference, Tipnes will be hosting monthly boot camps to ensure you stay in touch with your value of you while reminding you of the ideas learned at RiseCon.

How to Create Success for Yourself

“Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t freshening up his resume every time he applies to a job. He has created so much value for himself that people see it. And when they see how much value you have, they chase you.” This is the exact roadmap that Tipnes has followed and continues to follow, which one can grasp when tuning into his quick clips on Instagram. follows together through his own experiences.

“Learn how to work on your business, not in your business.” And that, our friends is how you will scale. When Tipnes started Blackstone Medical Services he focused on how we could replace himself. When you are working in the business, you can’t grow. “If I answered the phone at Blackstone, it would be a disaster,” and although this might sound silly, it’s the truth. If it wasn’t for Tipnes’ business ways, he wouldn’t have time to spend as much time with his family as he does, or better yet, be on a call with us.

After studying successful people, a common denominator is a family. The best of the best in the world are big on family and when taking a look at Tipnes’ social posts, you’ll feel like you’re a part of his. One that is filled with love, motivation, and stability. This foundation is just one part of Tipnes’ success, especially in the healthcare space. As he continues to expand his presence in the industry, we look forward to seeing (and being a part of) the mark he will leave on millions.

Whether you want to be the next healthcare CEO or sports car driver, “Think smart. Think for yourself. Think value,” and you, like Tipnes, will be able to change the narrative – one step at a time.