Where Luxury Fashion Meets Wellness: The New Gucci x Ōura Ring Is Officially Here

Gucci x Oura RingPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Gucci

Gucci is at the intersection of luxury fashion, art, technology — and now wellness with the launch of its new partnership with leading wellness brand ŌURA. Together, Gucci and ŌURA share the same commitment toward greater well-being and empowering individuals to take health into their own hands, thus, the birth of the Gucci x Ōura Ring.

The renowned ŌURA smart ring, which delivers personalized health data, insights, and daily guidance, is getting a fashionable makeover. The new Gucci x Ōura Ring features the iconic Gucci design elements with the Gucci Interlocking G in 18 kt yellow gold and framed by braided torchon detailing seen around the band. In addition, the ring is beautifully crafted in black PVD-coated titanium and weighs just four grams, adhering to a rather minimal, everyday wear design. 

Gucci x Oura RingPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Gucci

While the exterior design of the ring is an integral element, the inside is what is really stunning for consumers. The smart ring features ŌURA’s latest Generation 3 technology which includes research-grade sensors and components that track key body signals, enabling users to monitor heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, and sleep activity that can be followed on the ŌURA App. 

The new Gucci x Ōura Ring encourages ‘a journey of self-discovery’ for users and truly merges the worlds of fashion, wellness, and technology to make a lasting impact on the user’s life. The Gucci x Oura Ring is available now at Gucci.com and in select stores worldwide.