Victoria Beckham Celebrates The Opening Of The Female Triumphant Collection

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, Sotheby’s Auction House and The Frick Collection celebrated the opening of The Female Triumphant– an exhibition of 21 paintings by 14 groundbreaking female artists of the 16th-19th Centuries. These paintings will be offered across Sotheby’s annual Masters Week auction in New York in January.

Photo Credit: Tom Newton

Victoria Beckham hosted an exhibition of works from the Sotheby London auction at her flagship Dover Street store following a trip to New York that sparked her interest with The Masters in 2018. Beckham was inspired by the stories behind The Female Triumphant and showcased works by artists Fede Galizia, Angelika Kauffmann, Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun and Marie-Victoire Lemoine in her London store.

Photo Credit: Tom Newton

The evening began with a reception held in the Sotheby’s galleries where guest enjoyed champagne, cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres. In addition to Victoria, the event was also co-hosted by Calvine Harvey, Sotheby’s Specialist in Old Master Paintings, and Aimee Ng, Associate Curator at The Frick Collection.

The Gilded Age Revisited: Property From A Distinguished American Collection Angelika Kauffmann, R.A.Portrait Of Three Children, Almost Certainly Lady Georgiana Spencer, Later Duchess Of Devonshire, Lady Henrietta Spencer And George Viscount Althorpoil on canvas 44 3/4 by 57 in.; 113.6 by 144.8 cm.

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s

After the reception, an intimate group of guests including Victoria attended a private dinner hosted by Xavier F. Salomon, the Frick’s Chief Curator, on the historic second floor of The Frick Collection in the exclusive Directors Dining Room.

Property Of A West Coast CollectorFede GaliziaA Glass Compote With Peaches, Jasmine Flowers, Quinces, And A Grasshopperoil on panel12 by 17 in.; 30.5 by 43.2 cm

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s

Works from The Female Triumphant are now free for public viewing in Sotheby’s Masters Week exhibitions through Feb. 1 in the galleries located on 72nd& York Avenue.