Jaleo by José Andrés To Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary With A Nationwide Celebration

Jaleo Las Vegas Porron The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Tita Carra
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas restaurant location.

Photo Credit: Jaleo by José Andrés

José Andrés talent for reimagining the spirit and flavor of Spanish cuisine has always been an essential element of his renowned success and Jaleo showcases just that.

It was 1993 when downtown Washington, D.C. welcomed the first location. Since then, Jaleo has expanded to five other locations: Bethesda, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Crystal City, and soon Disney Springs.

Jaleo Washington DC Porron The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Tita Carra
The Downtown Washington, D.C location.

But, Andrés alone cannot be credited for Jaleo‘s impressive longevity. His extraordinary instincts for enlisting a grand team has served him well. Thanks to his winning and artistic team, and the Jaleo fanbase, the restaurant is looking forward to celebrating its 25th birthday.

Come April 5, 2018, the original Jaleo in D.C. will celebrate its milestone anniversary and its Jaleo sister restaurants across the nation will join in the commemoration.

Jaleo Las Vegas, specifically, will be celebrating with a complimentary glass of cava all night long on April 5th. The other locations will only be doing a toast at 5PM. And, the featured month-long communal “porron” cocktail will begin at 5PM and ending at 6PM.

Jaleo Las Vegas Porron The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Tita Carra

Throughout the entire month of April at the Las Vegas location, every night from 5PM to 6PM, the “Horra de Porron” will commence. A porron is a communal drink served in a glass pitcher with a stretched spout. The glass pitcher will be passed around the lounge and bar for all to enjoy. It will be filled with their “Clara” cocktail: a beer and house-made rosemary lemonade.

Found within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Jaleo in Las Vegas may even persuade the D.C. party-goers to make their way to the city before the month-long, nationwide celebration ends.