8 Late-Night Eats in New York City

In a city that never sleeps, food can be found around the clock. We know that 3am decision-making can be a struggle, so here’s a list of our favorite late-night eats to help you out.

Empanada Mama
Mama always makes food taste better, especially Empanada Mama. The small, narrow restaurant is filled with big and exciting Latin flavors. While they serve other delicacies like arepas and other tapas, you go here for their signature empanadas. Classic chorizo, shredded chicken and cheese, Caribbean-style roast pork and Belgian milk chocolate empanadas will be had and enjoyed here.
763 9th Ave

Big Daddy’s Diner
Usually eating late night directly coincides with drinking all night. In such case, your drunken stupor should lead you to Big Daddy’s Diner. No one here will care that your mascara is now on your chin and you can’t pronounce your name correctly. Which is only one of the reasons that make it so great. The others include, but are not limited to, tater tots, pancakes, burgers and every other dish you can imagine craving at 3am.
Multiple Locations

The Spotted Pig
You have the drunchies and are in the mood for a burger, but you’re not drunk enough to just want any old burger. This is where The Spotted Pig comes in to play. Their chargrilled burger with Roquefort cheese is to die for and stands out for its simplicity. Which surprisingly is something you will appreciate in your 1am state. Pair your patty with an insanely generous amount of shoestring fries and you’re set.
314 W 11th St

Artichoke Pizza
PIZZA! It is definitely of the most popular late-night food choices. If you’re going to get late-night pizza it should probably be at Artichoke. You will find them all around the city packed with people waiting for their yummy pies. Their slices are pretty large and are topped with things like artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese. Just an example.
Multiple Locations

Extra Fancy
EXTRA FANCY - 302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn - The Ocean's 12 - Photo Credit: Lauren Carol Hughes
We don’t all want to eat like savages after midnight. Extra Fancy feeds the hunger of those looking for upscale seafood dishes in Brooklyn. Here you can find buttery lobster rolls, oysters, mussels and non-seafood options like griddled cornbread and Szechuan fried chicken. It’s gourmet food in an intimate setting that is sure to leave you satisfied.
302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not your typical Cafeteria. This Cafeteria attracts the popular kids, otherwise known as models and people who ‘know somebody.’ Their eats are deliciously simple with items like a grilled cheese sandwich, burger and signature mac and cheese dishes served with awesomeness in the form of bacon and truffle oil. So if you’re not ready to stop the party and still want to be in the scene, go to Cafeteria.
119 7th Ave

French Roast
There is something so comforting about the richness in French food. It’s the kind of comfort you seek in the wee A.M. hours. In an upscale, intimate bistro at 3am you can experience the delights of steak au poivre, croquet monseiurs, burgers, mussels provencale and more. It will leave you feeling warm, full and just a little more French.
2340 Broadway at 85th Street

Wo Hop
Chinese food just really hits the spot sometimes, especially in late-night situations. Wo Hop in Chinatown is open until 7am and offers big plates filled with deliciously Americanized Chinese food. With huge portions and options like fried wonton skins, pork dumplings and duck you will have enough food to feed you through the next day too.
17 Mott St