Greg Simonian: Luxury Watches Sound Off


Some of the most complicated mechanical watches have much more to “say” than just tick-tock.  Minute repeaters chime the present hour and minutes with the push of a button (a handy function when trying to tell the time in the dark).  A striking hour complication rings out the hour, every hour on the hour. An alarm complication can be set to sound at any time you like. And inventive watchmakers have found countless other reasons for ringing the tiny gongs within their timepieces. Manufacturers of the best striking watches are committed to producing the most pleasing sounds, and they evaluate how case materials, and the shape and make-up of miniature gongs and hammers interact to make a tiny tune. The following striking watches are some of my favorites, and available at Westime’s boutiques in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and La Jolla.

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